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Nonpoint Source Funds

About Nonpoint Source Funds

Funding for control of water pollution from nonpoint sources is managed by the Nonpoint Source Management Program. Nonpoint source pollution, unlike pollution from industrial and sewage treatment plants, comes from many diffuse sources, including stormwater. The program administers both the Federal Clean Water Act Section 319(h) and the state's Total Maximum Daily Load Water Quality Restoration grants. The goal of these grants is to reduce nonpoint source pollution from land use activities. 

Federal Clean Water Act Grants

The Federal Clean Water Act Grant found in Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act is a federally funded grant for projects that address nonpoint source pollution. These grants are referred to by the department as "319 Grants." Projects or programs must benefit Florida’s priority watersheds (“impaired waters”), and local sponsors must provide at least a 40 percent match or in-kind contribution. Eligible activities include demonstration and evaluation of urban and agricultural stormwater best management practices, stormwater retrofits and public education. Approximately $5 to $6 million is available each year depending on federal appropriations. Applications for future year's funding are accepted usually during the first of the year.

State Water Quality Restoration Grants

Annually, the state Legislature provides Total Maxiumum Daily Load Water Quality Restoration Grant funding for the implementation of best management practices designed to reduce pollutant loads to impaired waters from urban stormwater discharges. These grants are referred to by the department as "TMDL Grants." Matching funds or in-kind contributions are required for a state Water Quality Restoration Grant. The Nonpoint Source Management Program prioritizes stormwater retrofit projects that benefit impaired waters, similar to the Federal Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Grants. 

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