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SRF Program Contacts

3900 Commonwealth Boulevard - MS 3505
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3600
Physical Address:
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Building, 4th Floor
3900 Commonwealth Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3000

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

Eric V. Meyers Program Administrator 850-245-2969
Paul Brandl DWSRF Program Specialist & Project Manager 850-245-2986
Gregg Caro Project Manager 850-245-2982
Mahnaz Massoudi Project Manager 850-245-2960
Venkata Panchakarla Project Manager 850-245-2981

Chelsea Chitty

SRF Inspection Coordinator


Mac Caron SRF Inspection Specialist 850-245-2912
James Gergen SRF Inspection Specialist 850-245-2837

Clean Water State Revolving Fund

Mike Chase Program Administrator 850-245-2913
Thomas Montgomery Program Supervisor & Project Manager 850-245-2967
Tom Edwards SRF Grant Manager 850-245-2924
Garyieal Hill Project Specialist 850-245-3144
Katie Lewis Project Specialist 850-245-2829
Matthew Lopez-Calleja Project Specialist 850-245-2199
Ethan A. Morrow Project Specialist 850-245-2147
Catherine M. Murray Engineering Supervisor & Project Manager 850-245-2966
Greg Alfsen Project Manager 850-245-2983
Pankaj Shah Project Manager 850-245-2962

State Revolving Fund Management

Teresa Robson Program Administrator 850-245-2910
Crystal Fukushima Agreements/Disbursements/Procurement 850-245-2863
Yvonne Soloff Loan Repayments & Financials 850-245-2898
Megan Maxwell Agreements Team Lead 850-245-2899
Charity Hudson Agreements 850-245-3192
Jessica M. Lee Agreements 850-245-2968
Scott McArthur Agreements 850-245-2998
Syan O'Connell-Richards Agreements 850-245-2915
Christopher Schell Agreements 850-245-3193
Richard Scott Disbursements Team Lead 850-245-2964
Charles W. Richards Disbursements & Procurement 850-245-2926
Indiya Walker Certifications & Disbursements 850-245-2932
Shelby M. Weeks Disbursements 850-245-3140

Confirmations for Certified Public Accountants/Recipients: Project sponsors and Auditors can access Financial Statements for Auditor Reports

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September 15, 2023 - 2:00pm

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