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Wastewater Grant Program

DWRA’s Wastewater Grant Program (WWGP) provides grants to governmental entities for wastewater projects that reduce excess nutrient pollution within a basin management action plan, alternative restoration plan adopted by final order or rural area of opportunity (RAO). The program requires at least a 50% match which may be waived by the department for RAOs.

Projects to construct, upgrade or expand wastewater facilities to provide advanced wastewater treatment and connecting septic tanks to sewer systems are prioritized. Consideration is given to nutrient reductions, project readiness, cost effectiveness, overall environmental benefit, project location, local matching funds and water savings and water quality improvement. 

Please refer to section 403.0673, F.S., for the text of the Wastewater Grant Program statute or see below eligibility requirements.

How to Apply

Project proposals will need to be submitted online Protecting Florida Together Water Protection Grants portal, which is closed each fiscal year after projects are selected for funding. The portal is expected to open again for new project proposals for the subsequent fiscal year after the legislative session concludes. If the project is not selected within the current state fiscal year, the proposal will need to be resubmitted the following year for evaluation.

Portal Announcement

An announcement will be sent when the Protecting Florida Together Water Protection Grants online portal is open to accepting project submittals for the fiscal year.

Eligibility Requirements

Financial assistance is available to Florida's governmental entities for projects within a basin management action plan, an alternative restoration plan adopted by final order or a rural area of opportunity under section 288.0656, F.S., which will individually or collectively reduce excess nutrient pollution:

  • To retrofit onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems (OSTDS) to upgrade such systems to enhanced nutrient-reducing onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems.
  • To construct, upgrade, or expand facilities to provide advanced waste treatment, as defined in section 403.086(4), F.S.
  • To connect OSTDS to central sewer facilities.

Priority will be given to projects that subsidize the connection of OSTDS to wastewater treatment facilities:

  • First priority will be given to projects the subsidize the connection of OSTDS to existing infrastructure.
  • Second priority will be given to any expansion of a collection or transmission system that promotes efficiency by planning the installation of wastewater transmission facilities to be constructed concurrently with other construction projects occurring within or along a transportation facility right-of-way.
  • Third priority will be given to all other connections of OSTDS to wastewater treatment facilities.
  • DEP will consider the estimated reduction in nutrient load per project; project readiness; the cost-effectiveness of the project; the overall environmental benefit of a project; the location of a project; the availability of local matching funds; and projected water savings or quantity improvements associated with a project.

Each grant requires a minimum of a 50% local match of funds. DEP may, at its discretion, waive, in whole or in part, this consideration of the local contribution for proposed projects within an area designated as a rural area of opportunity under section 288.0656, F.S.


Mitch Holmes, Wastewater Grant Environmental Administrator
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Building, 4th Floor
3900 Commonwealth Blvd., MS 3602
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Name Position Phone Number
Mitch Holmes Environmental Administrator 850-245-2963
Jack Deming Grant Manager 850-245-2944
Hannah Lowenthal Grant Manager 850-245-2942
Alexander Robson Grant Manager 850-245-2817

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