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Draft TMDLs

Draft TMDL Documents 

  • These TMDL documents are draft versions in support of adopted TMDL rules.

Draft TMDL Documents for Bacteria 

Everglades West Coast Basin

  • Fecal Indicator Bacteria TMDLs for the Everglades West Coast Basin (Draft March 2024)

Draft TMDL Documents for Group 1 Basins

Draft Copper TMDLs


Draft TMDL Documents for Group 2 Basins

Hillsborough River Basin: 

Middle St. Johns River Basin:

  • Nutrient TMDLs for Lake Lotta (WBID 3002G), Kasey Lake (WBID 3002Q) and Lake Fairhope (WBID 3004R) (Draft Report August 2021).
  • Nutrient TMDLs for Lake Davis (WBID 3168Y4), Lake Wade (WBID 3168W3), and Lake Weldona (WBID 3168Y8) (Draft August 2022

Lower St. Johns River Basin: 

Draft TMDL Documents for Group 3 Basins

Lake Worth Lagoon Basin


Draft TMDL Documents for Group 4 Basins

Kissimmee Basin: 

  • Lakes Condel and Anderson (WBIDs 3168X5 and 3168E) (Draft April 2021).
  • Nutrient TMDLs for Lake Glenada (WBID 1813L), Huckleberry Lake (WBID 1893), Red Water Lake (WBID 1938F), and Lake Placid (WBID 1938C) (Draft October 2021).

  • Nutrient TMDLs for Lake Fran (WBID 3169G3), Lake Kozart (WBID 3169G4), Lake Richmond (WBID 3169G6), Lake Walker (WBID 3169G5), and Lake Bumby (WBID 3168W7) (Draft August 2022)

Draft TMDL Documents for Group 5 Basins

There are currently no draft TMDL documents for Group 5 basins.

For more information on the development of water quality restoration goals (TMDLs), send email to Ansel Bubel.

Water Quality Evaluation and TMDL Program
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 Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

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