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Geologic Mapping

The Florida Geological Survey Mapping Initiative (FGSMI)

Envisioned in 2019, the Florida Geological Survey Mapping Initiative (FGSMI) serves as the framework for accomplishing a long-term goal set by the Florida Geological Survey (FGS) to update the statewide surficial geologic map of Florida. The last published statewide surficial geologic map of Florida was published by Scott et al. (2001). Since then, the FGS has gathered additional geologic data and mapped about half of the state at higher resolution through the STATEMAP program.  The FLAGMAP, STATEMAP, and Earth MRI programs work together, through the FGSMI, to achieve the FGS’s long-term goal of updating the statewide surficial geologic map of Florida.   


Contact: Christopher P. Williams

The Florida Geologic Mapping Program (FLAGMAP) works in parallel with STATEMAP to conduct new geologic mapping within non-STATEMAP areas. The density of data collected outside STATEMAP areas will vary based on local topography and stratigraphy. Data sources include strategically selected borehole samples from the FGS’s Geologic Sample Collections Facility, including newly drilled boreholes, to establish a network of wells serving as data control for surficial mapping and subsurface geologic modeling.

OFMS107 Geologic Field Work, June 2015


ContactRick Green

The STATEMAP Program is a cooperative funding agreement between the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and State Geological Surveys. The Florida Geological Survey STATEMAP program was first established in 1994 with an award of just $30,000 from the USGS. Since then, it has become one of the premier STATEMAP programs in the U.S., with funding awards in the top five nationally for each of the last three years. Each year the STATEMAP team maps and reports on the geology of a different area of the state.

For more information about STATEMAP, visit our STATEMAP page or the interactive STATEMAP Story Map.

Earth MRI

Contact: Mary Beth Lupo

The U.S. Geological Survey Earth MRI Program provides funding for State Geological Surveys to collect geophysical, geochemical, geologic, and topographic data in areas of critical mineral potential across the Nation following Executive Order 13817 and Department of the Interior (Interior) Secretarial Order 3359. This initiative was established to evaluate critical mineral independence and security and assist in the collection of 2D and 3D-dimensional geospatial data to produce geologic maps per the National Geologic Mapping Act (Public Law 102-285) and the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NCGMP). The Florida Geological Survey first participated in the Earth MRI program in 2019. Since then, it has continued to secure funding for focused research, including the Florida Focus Area (2019), Geophysical Survey of the Alabama Piedmont and parts of the Alabama-Georgia-Florida East Gulf Coastal Plain (submitted 2021; funded 2022; flown: TBD), and Phosphate Waste Stream Geochemical Sampling (2022). The Earth MRI team conducts surficial geologic mapping and geophysical and geochemical data interpretation with respect to the current project goals.

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