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Florida Forever Priority List & Annual Work Plan

The Florida Forever Priority List is determined by the Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC) and approved by the Board of Trustees. Projects are ranked within six Florida Forever categories:

  1. Critical Natural Lands.
  2. Partnerships and Regional Incentives.
  3. Less-Than-Fee.
  4. Climate Change Lands.
  5. Substantially Complete.
  6. Critical Historical Resources.

Projects on the Priority List are considered suitable as conservation property and meet the Florida Forever goals, measures and performance criteria (section 259.105(4), Florida Statutes). The project priority rankings are informed by analysis from the Florida Natural Areas Inventory and the state’s resource management agencies. To be considered for acquisition, a project must have a willing seller and be on the priority list. Please note that placement on the priority list only determines eligibility for Florida Forever funding and does not necessarily guarantee acquisition.

At the beginning of each calendar year, the Florida Forever Work Plan is developed by the Division of State Lands from the high and high-medium priority projects on the priority list. The work plan guides the annual expenditure of the Florida Forever funding made available by the Legislature and reports the balance of Florida Forever appropriations, funding commitments for pending acquisitions and other related expenses (i.e. surveys, appraisals), for the upcoming fiscal year.


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