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Final Audit Reports

Date Published Report Number Report Title                                      
5/5/2023 A-2122DEP-016 Audit of Agreements CA-0415 and CA-0315 with Coral Reef Park Company at John Pennekamp and Bahia Honda State Parks
5/4/2023 A-2122DEP-015 Audit of Agreement SWI22 with SWIX
4/24/2023 A-2223DEP-003 Audit of Title V Agreement with Palm Beach County
3/27/2023 A-2122DEP-019 Audit of Agreement with the Olustee Battlefield Citizens Support Organization, Inc.
3/10/2023 A-2223DEP-001 Audit of FRDAP Agreement A1072 with the Village of Wellington
1/30/2023 A-2122DEP-021 Audit of Purchase Order B7B263 with Earth Systems, Inc.
11/17/2022 A-2122DEP-020 Audit of Purchase Order B8F79C with Imperial Testing and Engineering, Inc.
10/10/2022 A-2122DEP-012 Audit of Activities  Funded by Tag Fee Allocations to  Duval County
7/27/2022 A-2122DEP-017 Audit of Agreement CA-1617 with Cornelius Enterprises USA, Inc. at Tomoka State Park
7/25/2022 A-2122DEP-007 Audit of Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park 
7/12/2022 A-2122DEP-011 Review of Petroleum Restoration Program Agency Term Contract Purchase Order B7AFC4 with Trident Treatment Dewatering, LLC/dba MAS Environmental, LLC
6/30/2022 A-2122DEP-010 Audit of Agreement CA-1417 with Schwarze Enterprises, Inc. at DeLeon Springs State Park
6/29/2022 A-2122DEP-013 Review of Petroleum Restoration Program Agency Term Contract Purchase Order B699A3 for Operation & Maintenance with ATC Group Services, LLC
6/9/2022 A-2122DEP-006 Review of Clean Water State Revolving Construction Loan Agreement WW030711 and Grant Agreement SG03712 with the City of Parker
6/9/2022 A-2122DEP-002 Operational Review of the Ethanol/Biodiesel Program
5/13/2022 A-2122DEP-004 Contract Procurement Audit
4/29/2022 A-2021DEP-016 Audit of Agreement MV412 with Beer Can Tampa Bay, LLC
3/7/2022 A-2021DEP-018 Review of Beaches, Inlets and Ports Program Permit Fee Assessment
1/13/2022 A-2021DEP-019 Audit of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
11/8/2021 A-2122DEP-001 Review of Department Processes and Controls Over Advance Payments
10/6/2021 A-2021DEP-006 Audit of Agreement 18PB7 with the City of Boca Raton for the Central Boca Raton Beach Nourishment Project
9/27/2021 A-2021DEP-015 Audit of Contract GC896 with Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners
9/7/2021 A-2021DEP-010 Audit of Agreement with the Friends of Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, Inc., Citizen Support Organization
8/30/2021 A-2021DEP-014 Audit of Agreement WS004 with the Suwannee River Water Management District
8/11/2021 A-2021DEP-009 Review of Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program Agreement A9118 with the City of Apopka
8/4/2021 A-2021DEP-017 Review of Controls Over Identification of Department Property
7/7/2021 A-2021DEP-011 Audit of Agreement LPS0019 with the City of Fanning Springs
6/7/2021 A-2021DEP-003 Review of Petroleum Restoration Program Agency Term Contract Purchase Order B471B1 for Source Removal Activities with WES Environmental, LLC
5/19/2021 A-2021DEP-001 Audit of Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway
4/28/2021 A-2021DEP-002 Audit of Purchase Order B60479 with Executive Information Systems, LLC
3/25/2021 A-2021DEP-012 Audit of Title V Program Administration
3/10/2021 A-2021DEP-005 Review of Department Purchase Card Use
3/9/2021 A-1920DEP-001 Audit of Agreement MY-0813 with Captiva Cruises, Inc. at Gasparilla Island State Park
2/23/2021 A-2021DEP-007 Review of Land Management Plan Oversight
12/28/2020 A-1920DEP-024 Audit of Contract PL352 with ForesTech Consulting, Inc.
11/23/2020 A-1920DEP-023 Review of Department Processes for Refunds
11/17/2020 A-1920DEP-003 Audit of Contract WQ150 with Wildwood Consulting, Inc.
10/27/2020 A-1920DEP-022 Review of State Land Lease Oversight
10/1/2020 A-1920DEP-016 Review of Purchase Orders for IT Technology Staff Augmentation Services
9/24/2020 A-1819DEP-026 Review of PRP Discharges with Limited or Delayed Activity
8/24/2020 A-1920DEP-019 Audit of the Agreement with the Friends of Lake Louisa State Park, Inc., CSO
8/20/2020 A-1920DEP-015 Audit of the Friends of Fakahatchee, Inc., CSO at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park and Agreement CA-0518
7/31/2020 A-1920DEP-020 Audit of Agreement CA-0316 with P3 Lake Louisa LLC at Lake Louisa State Park
7/10/2020 A-1920DEP-018 Follow-Up Review of Storage Tank Registration Fee Collections
6/26/2020 A-1920DEP-021 Audit of Grayton Beach State Park & the Friends of Grayton Beach State Park and Deer Lake State Park, Inc. CSO
5/29/2020 A-1920DEP-011 Audit of Contract GC130 with NorthStar Contracting Group, Inc.
5/5/2020 A-1819DEP-032 Audit of Agreement S0771 with the City of Riviera Beach
3/25/2020 A-1920DEP-002 Audit of Agreement DG001 with Yacht Starship Dining Cruises, LLC
2/28/2020 A-1920DEP-005 Review of Contract HW555 with GHD Services, Inc.
2/20/2020 A-1920DEP-008 Audit of Ravine Gardens State Park and Friends of Ravine Gardens, Inc. Citizen Support Organization
2/18/2020 A-1819DEP-025 Review of Information Technology Procurement Processes for Microsoft Software and Services
2/14/2020 A-1819DEP-027 Audit of Small County Consolidated Solid Waste Grant Agreement SC807 with Flagler County
1/16/2020 A-1920DEP-013 Audit of Agreement CA-0917 with American Parks of Florida, LLC at Fort Clinch State Park
1/6/2020 A-1920DEP-009 Review of Agreement R1803 with the City of Sarasota
12/4/2019 A-1920DEP-007 Audit of Agreement MY-0612 with National and State Park Concessions Jonathan Dickinson, Inc. at Jonathan Dickinson State Park
11/13/2019 A-1920DEP-006 Audit of Jonathan Dickinson State Park and the Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Inc., Citizen Support Organization
11/1/2019 A-1819DEP-004 Review of Department Agreements with Volunteer Florida for the Florida Conservation Corps AmeriCorps Program
10/31/2019 A-1819DEP-005 Audit of Wakulla Springs State Park and the Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park Inc., Citizen Support Organization
10/30/2019 A-1920DEP-014 Review of Petroleum Restoration Program Deductible Collections
10/23/2019 A-1819DEP-031 Review of Recreational Trails Program Agreement T1417 with the City of Fort Lauderdale
10/8/2019 A-1819DEP-023 Audit of Subcontractor Activities and Payments under Agency Term Contracts with Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC
6/28/2019 A-1819DEP-024 Review of Operator Certification Program Data Management
6/27/2019 A-1819DEP-020 SRF Audit FY 2017-2018
6/24/2019 A-1819DEP-029 Audit of Title V Program Agreements S0824 and TV001 with Broward County
6/24/2019 A-1819DEP-021 Audit of Agreement LP10050 with the Town of Penney Farms
6/21/2019 A-1819DEP-006 Audit of Silver Springs State Park
5/16/2019 A-1819DEP-017 Audit of Contract GC927 with Lee County
5/16/2019 A-1819DEP-022 Audit of Contact GC918 with Alachua County
5/16/2019 A-1819DEP-016 Audit of Contract GC915 with Hillsborough County
4/25/2019 A-1819DEP-018 Audit of De Leon Springs State Park
3/29/2019 A-1819DEP-014 Audit of Agreement MY-0310 with Kelly Ranch, Inc. at Amelia Island State Park
3/28/2019 A-1819DEP-011 Audit of Agreement CA-1515 with Cape Leisure Ichetucknee, LLC at Ichetucknee Springs State Park
3/28/2019 A-1819DEP-007 Audit of Agreement CA-0617 with Cape Leisure Silver Springs, LLC at Silver Springs State Park
3/25/2019 A-1819DEP-013 Review of Wireless Services Usage Certifications for Department Issued Cell Phones
3/14/2019 A-1819DEP-009 Review of Contract MV267 with Monroe County for Mobile Vessel Pumpout Service
2/11/2019 A-1718DEP-030 Review of Agreement MY-0210 with Reserve America LLC
1/30/2019 A-1819DEP-008 Review of Agreement RM163 with Florida International University Board of Trustees
1/28/2019 A-1718DEP-032 Audit of Myakka River State Park and the Friends of Myakka River Inc. Citizen Support Organization
12/17/2018 A-1718DEP-022 Review of Department Fuel Cards
11/16/2018 A-1819DEP-010 Review of Contract CN367 with Shine and Company, Inc.
11/2/2018 A-1718DEP-012 Audit of Hillsborough River State Park and Preservation Society, Inc., CSO
9/13/2018 A-1718DEP-028 Review of Short Term Event Permits for Ferry Services at St. Andrews State Park
9/6/2018 A-1718DEP-034 Audit of Agreements with Friends of Highlands Hammock State Park, Inc., CSO
9/5/2018 A-1718DEP-033 Audit of Agreement MY-0111 with Nature Recreation Management, LLC
8/7/2018 A-1718DEP-008 Audit of Contract GC725 with Northstar Consulting Group, Inc.
8/6/2018 A-1718DEP-029 Review of Short Term Special Event Permit STSEP-0101-R with Fancy Camps, LLC at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
8/2/2018 A-1718DEP-005 Audit of Contact GC726 with Ecology and Environment, Inc.
6/25/2018 A-1718DEP-18 Audit of Clean Water and Drinking Water Revolving Fund Programs' Special Purpose Financial Presentation, Selected Internal Controls, and Compliance for FY Ended June 30, 2017
5/25/2018 A-1718DEP-035 Review of Short Term Event Permit STSEP-2016 with Coin-O-Matic, Inc. at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park
5/22/2018 A-1617DEP-036 Audit of Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park
5/2/2018 A-1617DEP-040 Review of Environmental Compliance Process for the Office of Ecosystem Projects
3/30/2018 A-1718DEP-004 Review of Contract Laboratory Services for the Bureau of Laboratories
3/12/2018 A-1718DEP-019 Audit of Lease Agreement 4721 with Miami-Dade County and Florida International University Board of Trustees for the Coconut Grove Playhouse Property
2/20/2018 A-1718DEP-011 Review of Permit Agreements for Ferry Services at Anclote Key Preserve State Park
1/18/2018 A-1617DEP-033 Audit of Agreement MY-0912 with Anderson's Outdoor Adventures, LLC at Manatee Springs State Park
1/10/2018 A-1617DEP-029 Audit of Friends of Savannas Preserve State Park, Inc., CSO
12/14/2017 A-1617DEP-028 Audit of John D. MacArthur Beach State Park
12/6/2017 A-1617DEP-034 Audit of Brevard County Cleanup Contract GC889
12/6/2017 A-1617DEP-030 Audit of Pinellas County Cleanup Contract GC897
12/6/2017 A-1617DEP-038 Audit of Polk County Cleanup Contract GC898
11/13/2017 A-1617DEP-032 Review of City of Apalachicola CWSRF Debt Purchase Agreement
9/21/2017 A-1617DEP-031 Review of Agency Term Contractor Enviro-Pro-Tech, Inc.
9/20/2017 A-1617DEP-019 Review of Agency Term Contractor FRS Environmental Remediation, Inc.
9/6/2017 A-1617DEP-035 Review of Recreational Trails Program Agreement T2B22 & Land and Water Conservation Fund Agreement LW610 with the City of Sanford
9/1/2017 A-1617DEP-020 Audit of Hontoon Island State Park
9/1/2017 A-1617DEP-021 Audit of Hontoon Island Foundation, Inc. Citizen Support Organization
8/31/2017 A-1617DEP-018 Review of Agency Term Contractor Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC
8/31/2017 A-1617DEP-025 Audit of Orange County Compliance Contract GC702
8/31/2017 A-1617DEP-041 Review of Concession Agreement MY0812 with J&S Investment Properties, LLC at Sebastian Inlet State Park
8/4/2017 A-1617DEP-013 Audit of Henderson Beach and Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Parks
8/2/2017 A-1617DEP-016 Review of Small County Consolidated Solid Waste Grant Agreement SC619 with Jefferson County
6/29/2017 A-1617DEP-027 Audit of Activities Funded by Tag Fee Allocations to Miami-Dade County
6/26/2017 A-1617DEP-024 SRF Audit FY 2015-2016
6/22/2017 A-1617DEP-015 Review of Hazardous Waste Cooperative Collection Grant Agreement S0836 with Jefferson County
6/21/2017 A-1617DEP-005 Review of Opa Locka SRF Agreements
6/9/2017 A-1617DEP-012 Audit of Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park
6/5/2017 A-1617DEP-026 Audit of Title V Program Agreement with Dade County
4/20/2017 A-1617DEP-002 Review of Department Property Inventory and Management Processes
3/29/2017 A-1617DEP-023 Audit of Collier County Compliance Contract GC690
3/3/2017 A-1516DEP-032 Review of Miami-Dade County Brownsfield Delegation Agreement
2/23/2017 A-1515DEP-048 Audit of Florida State Park Concessions at Wekiwa Springs State Park
2/20/2017 A-1617DEP-003 Review of Construction Contract CN157 with Gulf Group, Inc.
02/03/2017 A-1617DEP-010 Audit of Sarasota County Compliance Contract GC693
01/26/2017 A-1516DEP-045 Review of Treasure Island Beach Nourish Agreement 14PI1
01/12/2017 A-1516DEP-034

Audit of Nature Quest Inc. Concession at Rainbow Springs State Park

01/12/2017 A-1617-DEP-006

Review of Contract HW554 with Chicago Bridge & Iron Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.

12/20/2016 A-1516DEP-025 Review of North Boca Raton Beach Nourishment Agreement 14PB3
12/16/2016 A-1516DEP-038 Review of Information Technology Services Contractor Kyra Solutions



Audit of Little Talbot Island State Park; Division of Recreation and Parks



Review of Recreational Trails Program Grant T1313 Wakulla County; Office of Operations



Review of Construction Contract CN152 Stephen Foster Carillon Tower



Audit of Brevard County Compliance Contract GC686



Review of Emergency Response Services Contract LE680 With SWS Environmental Services



Review of Town of Lee Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Agreement


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