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Final Audit Reports

Date Published Report Number Report Title                                      
5/29/2024 A-2324DEP-016 Audit of Purchase Order B9DF31 with E.R. Albert Enterprises, Inc.
5/7/2024 A-2324DEP-001 Audit of Department Fleet
5/3/2024 A-2324DEP-012 Audit of Florida Caverns State Park
3/26/2024 A-2324DEP-007 Audit of Agreement 22FRP89 with Town of Greenville
3/13/2024 A-2324DEP-003 Audit of Purchase Orders C03AF5/BB0B67 for Site Assessment Activities with Fourtune 4, d/b/a Environmental Assessment and Consulting
2/21/2024 A-2223DEP-020 Audit of Purchase Order B97E48 with Nova Southeastern University
1/26/2024 A-2324DEP-011 Audit of Agreement 21SL2 with the St. Lucie County Erosion District
12/22/2023 A-2223DEP-013 Review of Department Controls Regarding Surplus Property
12/20/2023 A-2223DEP-016 Audit of Contract GC895 with Orange County
12/18/2023 A-2223DEP-015 Audit of Agreement RP900 with Ashbritt, Inc.
12/12/2023 A-2223DEP-019 Audit of Agreement INV15 with Lake St. Charles Community Development District for Lake St. Charles Innovative Algae Control and Phosphorus Abatement
12/7/2023 A-2324DEP-005 Audit of Agreement MV433 with the City of Crystal River
11/30/2023 A-2324DEP-006 Audit of Agreement CZ418 with Town of Lauderdale by the Sea
11/29/2023 A-2223DEP-014 Audit of Anastasia State Park
11/28/2023 A-2122DEP-014 Audit of Agreements with the University of South Florida for the Statewide Ecosystem Assessment of Coastal and Aquatic Resources
11/9/2023 A-2223DEP-007 Audit of Florida Communities Trust Agreement F2115 with Hillsborough County
11/7/2023 A-2223DEP-011 Audit of Agreement CN541 with Charles Perry Partners, Inc. for Boathouse Replacement at Ellie Schiller Homossa Springs Wildlife State Park
10/11/2023 A-2223DEP-018 Audit of the Petroleum Restoration Program Agency Term Contract Purchase Order BA12F1 with Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.
8/29/2023 A-2223DEP-002 Audit of the Agreement with Friends of Lovers Key, Inc. Citizen Support Organization
8/17/2023 A-2122DEP-018 Audit of Agreement with Florida State Park Foundation, Inc.
7/14/2023 A-2223DEP-012 Audit of Agreement R2232 with the City of Fernandina
7/7/2023 A-2223DEP-008 Audit of Petroleum Restoration Program Agency Term Contract Purchase Order B54CE6 with Jim Stidham & Associates
6/20/2023 A-2223DEP-009 Audit of Agreement CA-0219 with Caladesi Island Connection
5/5/2023 A-2122DEP-016 Audit of Agreements CA-0415 and CA-0315 with Coral Reef Park Company at John Pennekamp and Bahia Honda State Parks
5/4/2023 A-2122DEP-015 Audit of Agreement SWI22 with SWIX
4/24/2023 A-2223DEP-003 Audit of Title V Agreement with Palm Beach County
3/27/2023 A-2122DEP-019 Audit of Agreement with the Olustee Battlefield Citizens Support Organization, Inc.
3/10/2023 A-2223DEP-001 Audit of FRDAP Agreement A1072 with the Village of Wellington
1/30/2023 A-2122DEP-021 Audit of Purchase Order B7B263 with Earth Systems, Inc.
11/17/2022 A-2122DEP-020 Audit of Purchase Order B8F79C with Imperial Testing and Engineering, Inc.
10/10/2022 A-2122DEP-012 Audit of Activities  Funded by Tag Fee Allocations to  Duval County
7/27/2022 A-2122DEP-017 Audit of Agreement CA-1617 with Cornelius Enterprises USA, Inc. at Tomoka State Park
7/25/2022 A-2122DEP-007 Audit of Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park 
7/12/2022 A-2122DEP-011 Review of Petroleum Restoration Program Agency Term Contract Purchase Order B7AFC4 with Trident Treatment Dewatering, LLC/dba MAS Environmental, LLC
6/30/2022 A-2122DEP-010 Audit of Agreement CA-1417 with Schwarze Enterprises, Inc. at DeLeon Springs State Park
6/29/2022 A-2122DEP-013 Review of Petroleum Restoration Program Agency Term Contract Purchase Order B699A3 for Operation & Maintenance with ATC Group Services, LLC
6/9/2022 A-2122DEP-006 Review of Clean Water State Revolving Construction Loan Agreement WW030711 and Grant Agreement SG03712 with the City of Parker
6/9/2022 A-2122DEP-002 Operational Review of the Ethanol/Biodiesel Program
5/13/2022 A-2122DEP-004 Contract Procurement Audit
4/29/2022 A-2021DEP-016 Audit of Agreement MV412 with Beer Can Tampa Bay, LLC
3/7/2022 A-2021DEP-018 Review of Beaches, Inlets and Ports Program Permit Fee Assessment
1/13/2022 A-2021DEP-019 Audit of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
11/8/2021 A-2122DEP-001 Review of Department Processes and Controls Over Advance Payments
10/6/2021 A-2021DEP-006 Audit of Agreement 18PB7 with the City of Boca Raton for the Central Boca Raton Beach Nourishment Project
9/27/2021 A-2021DEP-015 Audit of Contract GC896 with Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners
9/7/2021 A-2021DEP-010 Audit of Agreement with the Friends of Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, Inc., Citizen Support Organization
8/30/2021 A-2021DEP-014 Audit of Agreement WS004 with the Suwannee River Water Management District
8/11/2021 A-2021DEP-009 Review of Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program Agreement A9118 with the City of Apopka
8/4/2021 A-2021DEP-017 Review of Controls Over Identification of Department Property
7/7/2021 A-2021DEP-011 Audit of Agreement LPS0019 with the City of Fanning Springs
6/7/2021 A-2021DEP-003 Review of Petroleum Restoration Program Agency Term Contract Purchase Order B471B1 for Source Removal Activities with WES Environmental, LLC
5/19/2021 A-2021DEP-001 Audit of Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway
4/28/2021 A-2021DEP-002 Audit of Purchase Order B60479 with Executive Information Systems, LLC
3/25/2021 A-2021DEP-012 Audit of Title V Program Administration
3/10/2021 A-2021DEP-005 Review of Department Purchase Card Use
3/9/2021 A-1920DEP-001 Audit of Agreement MY-0813 with Captiva Cruises, Inc. at Gasparilla Island State Park
2/23/2021 A-2021DEP-007 Review of Land Management Plan Oversight
12/28/2020 A-1920DEP-024 Audit of Contract PL352 with ForesTech Consulting, Inc.
11/23/2020 A-1920DEP-023 Review of Department Processes for Refunds
11/17/2020 A-1920DEP-003 Audit of Contract WQ150 with Wildwood Consulting, Inc.
10/27/2020 A-1920DEP-022 Review of State Land Lease Oversight
10/1/2020 A-1920DEP-016 Review of Purchase Orders for IT Technology Staff Augmentation Services
9/24/2020 A-1819DEP-026 Review of PRP Discharges with Limited or Delayed Activity
8/24/2020 A-1920DEP-019 Audit of the Agreement with the Friends of Lake Louisa State Park, Inc., CSO
8/20/2020 A-1920DEP-015 Audit of the Friends of Fakahatchee, Inc., CSO at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park and Agreement CA-0518
7/31/2020 A-1920DEP-020 Audit of Agreement CA-0316 with P3 Lake Louisa LLC at Lake Louisa State Park
7/10/2020 A-1920DEP-018 Follow-Up Review of Storage Tank Registration Fee Collections
6/26/2020 A-1920DEP-021 Audit of Grayton Beach State Park & the Friends of Grayton Beach State Park and Deer Lake State Park, Inc. CSO
5/29/2020 A-1920DEP-011 Audit of Contract GC130 with NorthStar Contracting Group, Inc.
5/5/2020 A-1819DEP-032 Audit of Agreement S0771 with the City of Riviera Beach
3/25/2020 A-1920DEP-002 Audit of Agreement DG001 with Yacht Starship Dining Cruises, LLC
2/28/2020 A-1920DEP-005 Review of Contract HW555 with GHD Services, Inc.
2/20/2020 A-1920DEP-008 Audit of Ravine Gardens State Park and Friends of Ravine Gardens, Inc. Citizen Support Organization
2/18/2020 A-1819DEP-025 Review of Information Technology Procurement Processes for Microsoft Software and Services
2/14/2020 A-1819DEP-027 Audit of Small County Consolidated Solid Waste Grant Agreement SC807 with Flagler County
1/16/2020 A-1920DEP-013 Audit of Agreement CA-0917 with American Parks of Florida, LLC at Fort Clinch State Park
1/6/2020 A-1920DEP-009 Review of Agreement R1803 with the City of Sarasota
12/4/2019 A-1920DEP-007 Audit of Agreement MY-0612 with National and State Park Concessions Jonathan Dickinson, Inc. at Jonathan Dickinson State Park
11/13/2019 A-1920DEP-006 Audit of Jonathan Dickinson State Park and the Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Inc., Citizen Support Organization
11/1/2019 A-1819DEP-004 Review of Department Agreements with Volunteer Florida for the Florida Conservation Corps AmeriCorps Program
10/31/2019 A-1819DEP-005 Audit of Wakulla Springs State Park and the Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park Inc., Citizen Support Organization
10/30/2019 A-1920DEP-014 Review of Petroleum Restoration Program Deductible Collections
10/23/2019 A-1819DEP-031 Review of Recreational Trails Program Agreement T1417 with the City of Fort Lauderdale
10/8/2019 A-1819DEP-023 Audit of Subcontractor Activities and Payments under Agency Term Contracts with Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC
6/28/2019 A-1819DEP-024 Review of Operator Certification Program Data Management
6/27/2019 A-1819DEP-020 SRF Audit FY 2017-2018
6/24/2019 A-1819DEP-029 Audit of Title V Program Agreements S0824 and TV001 with Broward County
6/24/2019 A-1819DEP-021 Audit of Agreement LP10050 with the Town of Penney Farms
6/21/2019 A-1819DEP-006 Audit of Silver Springs State Park
5/16/2019 A-1819DEP-017 Audit of Contract GC927 with Lee County
5/16/2019 A-1819DEP-022 Audit of Contact GC918 with Alachua County
5/16/2019 A-1819DEP-016 Audit of Contract GC915 with Hillsborough County
4/25/2019 A-1819DEP-018 Audit of De Leon Springs State Park
3/29/2019 A-1819DEP-014 Audit of Agreement MY-0310 with Kelly Ranch, Inc. at Amelia Island State Park
3/28/2019 A-1819DEP-011 Audit of Agreement CA-1515 with Cape Leisure Ichetucknee, LLC at Ichetucknee Springs State Park
3/28/2019 A-1819DEP-007 Audit of Agreement CA-0617 with Cape Leisure Silver Springs, LLC at Silver Springs State Park
3/25/2019 A-1819DEP-013 Review of Wireless Services Usage Certifications for Department Issued Cell Phones
3/14/2019 A-1819DEP-009 Review of Contract MV267 with Monroe County for Mobile Vessel Pumpout Service
2/11/2019 A-1718DEP-030 Review of Agreement MY-0210 with Reserve America LLC
1/30/2019 A-1819DEP-008 Review of Agreement RM163 with Florida International University Board of Trustees
1/28/2019 A-1718DEP-032 Audit of Myakka River State Park and the Friends of Myakka River Inc. Citizen Support Organization
12/17/2018 A-1718DEP-022 Review of Department Fuel Cards
11/16/2018 A-1819DEP-010 Review of Contract CN367 with Shine and Company, Inc.
11/2/2018 A-1718DEP-012 Audit of Hillsborough River State Park and Preservation Society, Inc., CSO
9/13/2018 A-1718DEP-028 Review of Short Term Event Permits for Ferry Services at St. Andrews State Park
9/6/2018 A-1718DEP-034 Audit of Agreements with Friends of Highlands Hammock State Park, Inc., CSO
9/5/2018 A-1718DEP-033 Audit of Agreement MY-0111 with Nature Recreation Management, LLC
8/7/2018 A-1718DEP-008 Audit of Contract GC725 with Northstar Consulting Group, Inc.
8/6/2018 A-1718DEP-029 Review of Short Term Special Event Permit STSEP-0101-R with Fancy Camps, LLC at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
8/2/2018 A-1718DEP-005 Audit of Contact GC726 with Ecology and Environment, Inc.

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