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Clean Boating Programs


Florida Clean Marina Program

The Florida Clean Marina Program (CMP) is a voluntary, partnership-driven initiative that encourages marina facilities to incorporate environmental Best Management Practices (BMPs) exceeding regulatory requirements. Aligning with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's strategic goals, CMP aims to create partnerships with local communities and businesses to protect natural resources and promote economic growth. To achieve this goal, CMP assists facilities throughout the state with incorporating BMPs into their operating procedures, provides compliance assistance, supplies education on storm readiness through the Clean and Resilient Program, and aims to designate every marina, boatyard and marine retailer possible. The program also encourages the provision of services such as sewage pumpout stations, recycling, and proper disposal of hazardous materials to ensure a sustainable future for our marine and freshwater environments. With thousands of recreational boating facilities, mariner vessels and ecotourism opportunities in the state of Florida, environmental outreach and education is crucial to preserving the state’s natural resources.
To obtain CMP designation, facilities must follow all regulatory requirements of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, maintain environmentally responsible business practices and implement the provided BMPs. These BMPs address critical environmental issues such as sensitive habitats, waste management, stormwater control, spill prevention and emergency preparedness. Program participants receive ongoing technical support from the Florida Clean Marina Program staff, the Clean Boating Partnership and mentors who volunteer their time to assist other marine facilities seeking designation. For more information on how to become a designated Florida Clean Marina, visit Simple Steps to Designation

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