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Grecian Rocks Disease Outbreak 7/16/2016

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Vanessa Brinkhuis and Lindsay Huebner

During the annual Coral Reef Evaluation and Monitoring Program (CREMP) survey effort at Grecian Rocks on 7/16/2016, we observed what appeared to be multiple diseases on at least nine species of scleractinian coral. Species affected include Colpophyllia natans (CNAT), Pseudodiploria strigosa (DSTR), Diploria labyrinthiformis (DLAB), Meandrina meandrites (MMEA), Dichocoenia stokesii (DSTO), Siderastrea siderea (SSID), Montastraea cavernosa (MCAV), Orbicella annularis (OANN), and Eusmilia fastigiata (EFAS).

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