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Investigating the ongoing coral disease outbreak in the Florida Keys: continued SCTLD monitoring at middle and lower Florida Keys, experimental coral restoration of SCTLD-susceptible coral species, and assessing the prevalence of SCTLD on intermediate ree

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Kerry E. Maxwell, William C. Sharp, and John H. Hunt

There are four objectives to this project:
i) Continue collecting small-scale epidemiology information from previously established monitoring sites in the middle Florida Keys to better understand SCTLD dynamics;
ii) Conduct follow-up surveys at previously established intervention sites to assess longer-term effectiveness of this effort;
iii) Outplant coral colonies onto previously SCTLD-affected locations across the endemic zone and assess their survival;
iv) Conduct SCTLD surveys along the Intermediate Reef strata

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February 9, 2022 - 10:33am

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