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Metaproteomic Analysis of Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease

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Michael G. Janech, Benjamin Neely, Frank Mari, and Cheryl Woodley

Continuing Project Goals and Objectives:
1) Create metagenomic assemblies for each set of healthy and diseased corals.
1a) Isolate DNA from holobiont specimens
1b) Assemble sequence reads and create a Fasta file for proteomic searches.
2) Acquire proteome data for up to 9 coral holobionts from uninfected and actively infected diseased corals.
2a) Isolate and digest proteins from for each set of healthy and diseased corals.
2b) Analyze mass spectrometry data and identify holobiont proteins.
3) Associate functional changes in the microbiome in diseased corals and compare across hosts.
4) Synthesize data into information needed by managers and

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