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State 404 Program Public Notices

The table represents the projects currently on public notice, as required by Rule 62-331.060, F.A.C.

The files are available online at the OCULUS website.  You can refer to the Oculus Search Guide for assistance. You may also access the files through the Information Portal or locate records for a specific property using our online GIS tool, Map Direct. Please refer to the Information Portal Tutorial or the Map Direct Tutorial for assistance.

File Number Applicant Project Synopsis Public Notice Date Link to Notice
362001-003 Collier County Utilities The applicant seeks emergency authorization to install a new raw water main via horizontal directional drill. The Department granted the emergency replacement under an emergency field authorization on August 16, 2021. August 17, 2021 Public Notice
396574-001 Babcock Property Holdings, LLC The applicant seeks authorization to discharge a total of 1,432,476 cubic yards of clean fill within State assumed waters. The proposed work is comprised of the phased development across three distinct areas (8,570± acre Project Area) and the phased implementation of the 2020 BRC Mitigation Plan (±12,982 acres across Mitigation Areas A-K), together referred to as the “2020 Babcock Plan”. The BRC Mitigation Plan will continue to be implemented in an incremental manner to remain concurrent with or ahead of development impacts, as was established during the original permitting for the BRC in 2010. August 16, 2021 Public Notice
402478-001 Florida Department of Transportation The applicant seeks authorization to discharge 4,214.6 cubic yards of fill within State assumed waters, including 0.053-acres of freshwater forested wetlands, 3.507-acres of freshwater herbaceous wetlands, and 0.437-acres of surface waters to complete the safety improvement project on SR 72. August 13, 2021 Public Notice
394894-003 SFI Majestic Residence Contractor The permittee is requesting to impact 2,396 square feet (0.06 acres) of forested freshwater wetlands, Class III Waters for the purpose of constructing a portion of a driveway in wetlands and to construct a single-family residence and portion of driveway in uplands in Class III at 6th Ave SE, Parcel ID 40802920005, Naples, Florida 34117 in Section 09, Township 49, Range 28, in Collier County. August 2, 2021 Public Notice
403542-001 BCHD Partners 1, LLC., CO Bruce Layman; The applicant seeks authorization of proposed filling of 1.34 acres of state-assumed waters (Cypress/Strand Swamp) in order to construct commercial building with associated parking and stormwater management system for approximately 180,000 square feet of commercial space as part of Collier County's vision of creating a commercial center in the vicinity of the intersection of Immokalee Road and Randal Boulevard. The property is located immediately adjacent to land that Collier County desires to construct commercial mixed uses. The project proposes to include commercial buildings, a water management system, roadway and parking, open space and wetland/upland preserve. The entry lines up with the existing signalized intersection of Immokalee Road and Orange Tree Boulevard. August 2, 2021 Public Notice

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