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Forms Chapter 62-701-Solid Waste Management Facilities

Section Title Effective Date
62-701.900(1) Application to Construct, Operate, Modify, or Close a Solid Waste Management Facility 02/15/15
62-701.900(2) Certification of Construction Completion of a Solid Waste Management Facility 05/19/94
62-701.900(3) Notification of Intent to Use a General Permit for a Yard Trash Disposal Facility 02/15/15
62-701.900(4) Application to Construct, Operate, or Modify a Waste Processing Facility 02/15/15
62-701.900(5)(a) Solid Waste Facility Irrevocable Letter of Credit 02/15/15
62-701.900(5)(b) Solid Waste Facility Financial Guarantee Bond 02/15/15
62-701.900(5)(c) Solid Waste Facility Performance Bond 02/15/15
62-701.900(5)(d) Solid Waste Facility Insurance Certificate 02/15/15

Solid Waste Facility Financial Test

62-701.900(5)(f) Solid Waste Facility Corporate Guarantee 02/15/15
62-701.900(5)(g) Solid Waste Facility Trust Fund Agreement 02/15/15
62-701.900(5)(h) Solid Waste Facility Standby Trust Fund Agreement 02/15/15
62-701.900(6) Application to Construct, Operate or Modify a Construction and Demolition Debris
Disposal or Disposal with Recycling Facility
62-701.900(7) Annual Report for a Construction and Demolition Debris Facility 01/06/10
62-701.900(8) Application for Transfer of Permit or Notification of Name Change 01/06/10
62-701.900(9) Application for Preliminary Examination and Final Examination of Resource
Recovery Equipment
62-701.900(18) Waste Tire Collector Registration Application 01/06/10
62-701.900(19) Waste Tire General Permit Application 01/06/10
62-701.900(20) Waste Tire Site Notification 01/06/10
62-701.900(21) Waste Tire Processing Facility Quarterly Report 01/06/10
62-701.900(22) Waste Tire Collector Annual Report 01/06/10

Waste Tire Processing Facility Permit Application

62-701.900(24) Waste Tire Small Processing Facility Permit Application 01/06/10
62-701.900(25) Waste Tire Collection Center Permit Application 01/06/10
62-701.900(26) Application for Recovered Materials Certification 01/06/10
62-701.900(28) Closure Cost Estimating Form for Solid Waste Facilities 01/06/10
62-701.900(30) Monitoring Well Completion Report 01/06/15
62-701.900(31) Water Quality Monitoring Certification 01/06/15
62-701.900(32) Application for a Permit to Construct and Operate a Research, Development
and Demonstration Facility
62-701.900(34) Notification of Intent to Use a General Permit for an Indoor Waste
Processing Facility
62-701.900(35) Notification of Container-to-Container Waste Transfer Facility 01/06/15
62-701.900(36) Certification of Economic Feasibility to Process C&D Debris Prior to Disposal 03/13/16
62-701.900(37) Application to Construct, Operate, Modify, or Close a Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) Unit or Units 07/01/22
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March 1, 2023 - 3:49pm

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