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Storage Tank Local Government Bond Rating Test


Form 62-761.900(3) Part I

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Bond Rating Test Specific Guidance

  • The “owner or operator” name identified on mechanism needs to match the name on Part P.
  • The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) may have a title different from "CFO", such as Clerk, Comptroller, Treasurer, etc. but the CFO title is unlikely to include the word "assistant". Other individuals may have the authority to sign, but they will be able to produce documentation demonstrating their authorization.
  • Confirm bond rating(s) on copy(ies) of published report(s):
    • Moody's rating of Aaa, Aa, A, or Baa (not including Baa-) or
    • Standard & Poor's (S&P) rating of AAA, AA, A, or BBB (not including BBB-)
    • If rated by both firms, both sets or criteria must be met.  Use the Period of Coverage for the lowest rated bond, or if equal (e.g., Moody's Baa and S&P BBB), the period that starts later.
  • A local government organized to provide general governmental services must reference only general obligation bonds on the Bond Rating Test and not revenue bonds. Non-general purpose local governments (e.g., special districts, school districts) must reference revenue bonds.

What to Do with Completed Forms

  • An owner or operator must maintain financial responsibility records (a copy of the completed form parts with required supporting documentation) at the facility or at their business office.
  • If not kept at the facility, they shall be made available at the facility or another agreed upon location upon five business days notice by a department or county inspector.

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    Form Number: 
    62-761.900(3) Part I
    Effective-Revision Date: 
    Sunday, June 25, 2023
    Last Modified:
    July 7, 2023 - 9:07am

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