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Storage Tank Financial Assurance Forms

Storage Tank Financial Assurance Forms (Mechanisms)

  • Documentation of financial assurance must be maintained to meet the requirements of rules 62‑761 and 62‑762, F.A.C. Completed selected parts of Form 62-761.900(3) - Financial Mechanisms for Storage Tanks - must be used to meet these financial responsibility (FR)* requirements.
  • Completed Forms must be maintained at the facility or at the business office, if kept off site they shall be made available at the facility or another agreed upon location upon five business days notice by a department or county inspector.
  • General Guidance (FAQs):  Guidance webpage for storage tanks financial responsibility includes answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • As many issuing institutions need or choose to attach a Facility/Tank Schedule to the financial assurance instrument, we provide a fillable example form for this purpose.


Form 62-761.900(3) Parts A - P

  • Individual mechanisms are available separately below.


Required by All

Certification of Financial Responsibility - Form 62-761.900(3) Part P - C.F.R.

  • This form part must be updated whenever a financial mechanism is replaced, renewed or amended.
  • Besides the Owner or Operator certifying financial responsibility (FR) is being taken care of for listed facilities, the C.F.R. provides summary information about the mechanisms used for FR.


Available to All Owners and Operators


Financial Test and Corporate Guarantee

Performance Bond

Letter of Credit

Trust Fund and Standby Trust Fund


Available only to Government Entities

Any Government

State Government

Local Government

Provider Companies

  • List of known Insurance Providers for Storage Tank Owners And Operators (EPA 510-K-13-002).
    This EPA produced PDF booklet provides storage tank owners and operators with a list of insurance providers who may be able to help them comply with financial responsibility requirements by providing a suitable insurance mechanism. Although this publication is compiled for UST facility needs, it is useful for AST facilities as well.

  • Provider Companies
    This list of provider companies consists of companies providing financial assurance for solid waste facilities, and includes several companies offering standby trust fund agreements. It may be useful to storage tank owners or operators.


Other Tank Forms (Rules and Referenced Guidelines)


Contact Information 850-245-8793 (South, Southeast and Southwest districts) (Disponible para ayuda en español). 850-245-8740 (Northwest, Northeast and Central districts).
Shared email:

  • If your district's contact person cannot be reached, feel free to contact any team member.

DEP District and County Contact List for Storage Tank Program

* - The terms "financial responsibility" and "financial assurance" are often used interchangeably.

** - Requires the establishment of a Standby Trust Fund Agreement in the name of each owner or operator covered by guarantee.


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