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Finding an ERP Permit on the DEP Internet Site

How to search for an ERP or State 404 application or permit

  • Find a Permit Application:This web page is a helpful tool that can be used to view permit applications that are currently under review within the Department of Environmental Protection across all program areas. This feature can be used to obtain status updates on permits currently under review, provides links to view the file online, and allows for interested parties to provide public comment through the business portal
  • Water Permitting Portal: The ERP program is implemented jointly by the department and Florida’s five water management districts (WMDs). The agencies developed a shared portal to make it easier to find WMD ERPs and Consumptive Use or Water Use Permits. Select “Search for ERPs” tab, and either enter 1. the site address or 2. the permit number (if known) or 3. pan and zoom to the area of interest. The data on the water permitting portal dates back to 2007 only and does not include projects that are exempt from permitting requirements. 
  • Map Direct: Provides a more in-depth search of department-issued permits and verified exemptions or self-certifications by using the department’s GIS application. First, zoom to the area of interest on the map below or search by address. As you zoom into the location, Map Direct will show icons at all locations associated with ERP permitting application (PA) data records. Click on an icon to obtain more information on that project. A new window will open on the right-hand side of the screen with permitting and compliance project information. Clicking on Documents in the new window will redirect to our online document management system and the electronic records for the selected site.
  • Permitting Application (PA) system: This search function will retrieve permit application(s) under review by DEP based on the DEP office processing the application and when it was received by the agency. When executing a search, specify the DEP office and the date range in which DEP received permit applications, then select “Search.”   

Finding ERP or State 404 documentation

  • Nexus is a user-friendly search interface to retrieve documents from DEP’s OCULUS archival database which houses permits and other publicly available documents. Alternatively, users can search the OCULUS database directly. 
  • Determine which agency issued the permit, and contact that office. Identify the permit number of interest, and contact the appropriate DEP districtwater management district or delegated local program office to obtain a copy.

Receive Notifications of Future Applications for Permits

Create a subscription to the department’s Permit Application Subscription Service (PASS) system. This free service enables visitors to customize notification preferences, including selecting multiple application types and defining geographic area of interest (by county, or within a defined radius from a point selected). The PASS system will automatically send an email notification whenever the department receives a permit application that meets the subscription criteria. The email will specify the type of authorization being applied for and provide the application tracking number. Obtain updates on any application under review currently by contacting the appropriate DEP district office.

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