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Forms of the Environmental Resource Permitting and Submerged Lands Programs

To apply for a self-certification, exemption, general permit, or individual/conceptual permit online, please use the DEP Business Portal.

There is a $100.00 discount to apply using the DEP business portal for an individual/conceptual permit, and self-certification of single-family dock exemptions is free. If you choose not to apply through the DEP business portal, you may submit the forms below along with any supplemental information either by email or paper mail.

If you want to submit by email, please use the Electronic Submission Instructions. Please note, the $100.00 discount for individual/conceptual permit applications does not apply if you do not submit your application through the DEP business portal. If your project is regulated by a delegated local program (Broward or Hillsborough County), please contact your delegated local program.

If you want to submit by paper mail, please send the forms to the local DEP district office. If you are mailing large files, please include a CD with an electronic copy of the application. 

Application Notices and Forms




Request for Verification of an Exemption


Notice of Intent to Construct a Minor Silvicultural System


Notice of Intent to Use an Environmental Resource General Permit

N/A See associated section below

Joint Application for Individual And Conceptual Environmental Resource Permit/Authorization to Use State Owned Submerged Lands, Forms 62-330.060(1)

62-330.060(1) Sec. A

Section A: State-Owned Submerged Lands/Federal Dredge and Fill Permit

62-330.060(1) Sec. B

Section B: For Single-Family Projects

62-330.060(1) Sec. C

Section C: Supplemental Information for Works or Other Activities In, On, Over Wetlands and/or Other Surface Waters

62-330.060(1) Sec. D

Section D: Supplemental Information For Works or Activities Within Surface Waters (Other Than a Single Family Project) 

62-330.060(1) Sec. E

Section E: Supplemental Information Required for Works or Other Activities Involving a Water Management System (Other Than a Single Family Project)

62-330.060(1) Sec. F

Section F: Application For Authorization to Use State-Owned Submerged Lands

62-330.060(1) Sec. G

Section G: Supplemental Information Required for Mitigation Banks

62-330.060(1) Sec. H

Section H: Supplemental Information for Applications for Environmental Resource Permits Involving Stormwater Management Systems for Mines

Attachments 1-3

Joint Application Form Instructions, Agency Contacts, and Application Fees

Supplemental Information

for Federal Permitting

Completion of this form may help streamline the Corps of Engineers permitting process when an activity requires both a state and federal permit. Completion of this form is not required to apply for a state permit.

Wetland Determination

Form Title


Petition for a Formal Determination of the Landward  Extent of Wetlands and Other Surface Waters

Financial Assurance for Mitigation


62-330.301(1) Performance Bond To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation
62-330.301(2) Irrevocable Letter of Credit To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation
62-330.301(3) Standby Trust Fund Agreement to Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation
62-330.301(4) Trust Fund Agreement to Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigationn
62-330.301(5) Escrow Agreement
62-330.301(6) Guarantee Bond To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation

Conservation Easement

Form Title

Deed of Conservation Easement — Standard


Deed of Conservation Easement — Standard, With Third Party Beneficiary


Deed of Conservation Easement — Passive Recreational Uses


Deed of Conservation Easement — Riparian Uses


Deed of Conservation Easement for Local Governments


Deed of Conservation Easement with Third Party Beneficiary Rights to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Declaration of Restrictive Covenants


Declaration of Restrictive Covenants -- Insert


Temporary Easement for Construction Access


Permanent Access Easement

Post Issuance

Form Title


As-Built Certification and Request for Conversion to Operation Phase


Request for Transfer of Environmental Resource Permit to the Perpetual Operation Entity


Construction Completion and Inspection Certification for Activities Associated With a Private Single-Family Dwelling Unit


Request to Transfer Permit


Construction Commencement Notice

Operation and Maintenance




Operation and Maintenance Inspection Certification


Agreement to Maintain Public Access


Agreement to Maintain Public Access and Operate Stormwater Systems

Regional Stormwater

Form Title


Regional Stormwater Management System Annual Report

Agency Use

Form Title

Recorded Notice of Environmental Resource Permit


Emergency Field Authorization

Fee Schedules related to Chapter 62-330

62-330, F.A.C. “SWERP” Fee Schedules

Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method, Chapter 62-345, F.A.C.

Form Title

Part I – Qualitative Description (Microsoft Excel format)


Part II - Quantification of Assessment Area (Microsoft Excel format)


Mitigation Determination Formulas (Microsoft Excel format)

Mitigation Bank - Financial Assurance Forms, 62-342.700, F.A.C.

Form Title


Mitigation Bank Performance Bond to Demonstrate Construction and Implementation Financial Assurance


Mitigation Bank Irrevocable Letter of Credit to Demonstrate Construction and Implementation Financial Assurance


Mitigation Bank Standby Trust Fund Agreement to Demonstrate Construction and Implementation Financial Assurance


Mitigation Bank Trust Fund Agreement to Demonstrate Construction and Implementation Financial Assurance


Mitigation Bank Trust Fund Agreement to Demonstrate Perpetual Management Financial Assurance


Mitigation Bank Standby Trust Fund Agreement to Demonstrate Perpetual Management Financial Assurance

Mangrove Trimming

Form Title
NOI Mangrove Trimming

Notice of Intent to Use General Permit For Mangrove Trimming or Application for Individual Permit to Alter or Trim Mangroves pursuant to Section 403.9327, Florida Statutes, or Section 403.9328, F.S.

State Programmatic General Permit

Form Title


Permit Instrument (with all attachments)

SPGP V Mod 1

SPGP V Modification July 29, 2016

Coordination Agreement

Coordination Agreement between the US Army Corps of Engineers  (Jacksonville District) and the Florida Depsrtment of Environmental Protection (or duly authorized designee) State Programmatic General Permit

Proprietary Forms

Form Title

Billing Information Form


Special Event Certification

Setback Waiver

Letter of Concurrence for Setback Waiver

All 62-330 forms (in MSWord format) - 12 MB

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