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Contacts - Submerged Lands and Environmental Resources Coordination

SLERC Administrative

For questions regarding permitting a specific ERP project or regulated activity please contact your local FDEP District office. For information regarding sovereign submerged lands title determinations, please contact the Division of State Lands, Title and Land Records Section at 850-245-2555. General ERP related questions can be emailed to SLERC.

Name/Email Staff Expertise
Tim Rach,
Program Administrator
Submerged lands and environmental resource coordination
Allyson Minick Environmental resource permitting and coordination, mangroves, sovereign submerged lands, and wetlands

Programmatic Coordination and Training

SLERC is responsible for programmatic training and coordination of regulatory staff related to Wetlands, Environmental Resource Permitting, and the State 404 program.

Please direct questions regarding a specific project or regulated activity to your local FDEP District office.

Name/Email Staff Expertise

Heather Mason,
Environmental Administrator

Rule making and ERP coordination
Camille Beasley Wetland plant identification, ESSA and Electronic Applications (Eapps), Self Certifications, and wetlands
 Jennifer Butler Soil science, wetland delineation, and coordination
Kelly Chase Historical and Tribal resources coordination
Mary Duncan Threatened and Endangered Species Coordination and ERP
Eric Hickman Wetland delineation team lead, wetland delineation, and coordination 
Mac James SPGP, wetlands, and general ERP

Mitigation Banking

Please consult your local FDEP District office to determine the appropriate mitigation for a specific activity. For general questions regarding FDEP mitigation banks please email the Mitigation Bank Team.

Name/Email Staff Expertise
Donna Kendall,
Environmental Administrator
Mitigation banking supervisor, mitigation banking review, coordination, and project management
Scott Casey Mitigation banking review and project management, mitigation banking coordination
Laura Chandler Mitigation banking review and project management, mitigation banking coordination
Kayla McNeilly Mitigation banking credit debits, mitigation banking coordination, and mangrove coordination
Larry Olney Mitigation banking review and project management, mitigation banking coordination

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