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Formal Determinations of the Landward Extent of Wetlands and Other Surface Waters

A formal determination (FD) is a legally binding determination of the landward extent (boundaries) of wetlands and other surface waters as defined by Chapter 62-340, F.A.C. A formal determination is binding on the real property for which that determination is sought for as long as the determination is valid, in accordance with Sections 373.421(2) and (3), F.S.

Mining and Mitigation Banking FDs

If the project is a mining related the FD Petition will be processed by the Mining and Mitigation Program. 

Please submit a completed FD Petition Form and fee to or mail to:

Mining and Mitigation Program
2600 Blair Stone Road MS 3577
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

All Other Formal Determinations

FDs for commercial, residential, mixed use, ports, and roadway/bridge projects will be processed by the appropriate DEP district office or water management district. If the proposed activity will require a permit issued by a DEP district office or a water management district (WMD), the Formal Determination will be processed by that office. Please visit the department's ERP and the WMDs page for more information.

FDEP Office Contact Name Phone Number
Northwest District

Blake Chapman

Russell Sullivan



Northeast District Katie Miller 904-256-1509
Central District Teayann Duclos 407-897-2911
Southwest District

Shannon Lenhart

Southeast District Danielle Sattleberger 561-681-6645
South District Daniel Sensi 239-344-5614

Description of Forms

Please contact a member of SLERC's Wetland Evaluation and Delineation staff with any questions regarding the application of Chapter 62-340, F.A.C. Visit our Wetland Evaluation and Delineation page for more information.

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