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How to Become a Professional Mangrove Trimmer

FDEP qualified PMTs

The following is designed to provide information for persons to become a Professional Mangrove Trimmer (PMT) under the 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act [Sections 403.9321-403.9334 of the Florida Statutes (F.S.)].

The 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act provides the regulations for trimming and altering mangroves on private and public property. Many trimming activities can be performed under an exemption from permitting requirements, provided the trimming is supervised or conducted by a professional mangrove trimmer. Subsection 403.9329(2) F.S., lists the qualifications for becoming a professional mangrove trimmer (PMT).

Persons applying for FDEP qualified professional mangrove trimmer status must provide to the Department a notarized sworn statement attesting:

  1. That the applicant has successfully completed a minimum of 10 mangrove-trimming projects authorized by the department or a local government program. Each project must be separately identified by project name and permit number;
  2. That a mangrove-trimming or alteration project of the applicant is not in violation of ss. 403.9321-403.9333 or any lawful rules adopted thereunder; and
  3. That the applicant possesses the knowledge and ability to correctly identify mangrove species occurring in this state.

In addition, applications should include the following;

  1. Submittal of at least 10 separate projects authorized (permitted) by the department or a local government program, for which the applicant was at least one of the persons responsible for conducting the first set of trimming to shape the mangroves to the height and configuration allowed by the permit. Each project must be separately identified by a project name and permit number.Each of the 10 submitted projects must contain:
    1. The name, address and phone number of the supervising PMT (403.9237(1)(c)2, F.S.); and
    2. A copy of the permit, if available, or the permit number; and
    3. A receipt or letter from the supervising PMT or the property owner of the site trimmed, or other documentation showing that you were the person who conducted the trimming.

Note: Exempt trimming activities, such as those performed under paragraphs 403.9326(1)(a), (b), (c), or (d) of the Florida Statutes, do not qualify as trimming experience toward recognition of PMT status.

  1. A finding that mangrove trimming or alteration projects of the applicant are not in violation of the 1995 or 1996 Mangrove Trimming & Preservation Acts or previous rules during the period of review of the application for PMT status.
  2. A demonstration that the applicant possesses the knowledge and ability to correctly identify mangrove species occurring in Florida.

Applications for qualification of PMT status outside of a delegated local government should be submitted to the Submerged Lands and Environmental Resource Coordination Program. The department will have 60 days from the receipt of your application for PMT certification to review and approve or deny PMT status.  Additionally, mangrove trimming has been delegated to several delegated local governments. If you with to trim within a delegated local government, please contact the appropriate delegated local government with questions regarding becoming a PMT.

Professional Certifications

The following persons are automatically considered as PMTs, in accordance with paragraphs 403.9329(1)(a-e) F.S., of the 1996 Mangrove Act:

  • Arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture
  • Professional wetland scientists certified by the Society of Wetland Scientists
  • Environmental professionals certified by the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals
  • Ecologists certified by the Ecological Society of America
  • Landscape architects currently licensed in Florida under part II of Chapter 481, F.S.

If you qualify as one of the above, no further action on your part is required to become a PMT, and you qualify under the Act to perform all actions requiring the services of a PMT.  If you are one of the above certified professionals and you would like to be added to the FDEP maintained list of professional mangrove trimmers please complete the request form and submit via email to

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