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Regional Offsite Mitigation Areas

Regional Offsite Mitigation Areas (ROMAs) are environmental enhancement projects conducted by the department, a water management district, or a local government that serve as mitigation for multiple impact projects. Impact permit applicants pay money to the ROMA sponsor, and the collected funds are used toward the implementation of the larger mitigation project. ROMAs that serve as mitigation for more than 5 permits or 35 acres of impact are operated under a memorandum of agreement (MOA), similar to a mitigation bank permit (Sample ROMA Memorandum of Agreement and Plan).

Chapter 373.4135, F.S.  (amended in 2012, and is currently under review) establishes the criteria for ROMAs. ROMA MOAs must identify the mitigation site(s); describe the work that will be conducted on the site(s); including a timeline for completing the work; define a geographic service area; provide environmental success criteria, monitoring and long-term management plans; and assess credit potential. In addition, ROMA instruments must ensure that mitigation costs provide for the full cost accounting of the project, including the project activities, land costs, and administration. However, ROMAs designated for mitigation use by private, single-family residential construction (not incorporated residential development) only, the full cost accounting provision is not required. In either case, moneys received for a ROMA project may only be used for that project, and no other purpose.

Applications for a ROMA may be submitted using the ERP forms and mitigation banking financial assurance forms. Procedures for submitting a permit for review are outlined on the Mitigation Banking Rule and Procedure Synopsis page. Additionally, the mitigation banking forms page may be of assistance. 

For additional information please contact a member of SLERC's Mitgation Banking staff.

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