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Chapter 62-340, F.A.C. Data Form

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Agency staff shall use Form 62-330.201(1), F.A.C., “Chapter 62-340, F.A.C. Data Form, (December 22, 2020), incorporated by reference in Rule 62-330.201(1), F.A.C., to document verification of determinations of the landward extent of wetlands and other surface water for notices and applications for ERP permits and formal or informal determinations of the landward extent of wetlands and other surface water. The “Chapter 62-340, F.A.C. Data Form Guide” in Appendix J, the “62-340, F.A.C. Data Form Instructions”, in Appendix K, and the “Florida Wetland Delineation Manual”, which is available for download on the Department website, may be used to assist staff and other environmental professionals in completing the form and performing delineations.

Any time a regulatory agency concludes or determines that an area is a non-wetland surface water, wetland, or upland at least one data point should be documented, i.e., once a conclusion informally or formally has been made by the regulatory agency at least one complete data form supporting that conclusion is required.

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