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Class I Areas Map

Class I Areas Map

The Clean Air Act defined Class I areas as all national parks over 6,000 acres and all wilderness areas and memorial parks over 5,000 acres, established as of 1977. The Federal Land Manager and the Federal official charged with direct responsibility for management of Class I lands have an affirmative responsibility to protect the air quality related values (AQRV), including visibility, of any such lands. In the context of Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) air permitting, an applicant must provide a separate analysis of air quality impacts in any Class I area that may be impacted by the new or modified facility. 

Every area of Florida is within 250 kilometers of at least one Class I area. Therefore, all PSD applications are required to include a Class I air quality impact analysis. This map allows users to quickly locate the nearest Class I areas to their project site. Some of these areas may be located in other states. Once the applicable Class I areas have been identified, the applicant should utilize the Federal Land Managers’ (FLM) Air Quality Related Values Work Group: Phase I Report  to guide their air quality analysis.  Note that the Bradwell Bay wilderness near Tallahassee is one of only two Class I areas where visibility is not considered for Visibility Assessment Air Qualiry Related Values (AQRV) and therefore does not require a visibility impairment analysis.

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