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Air Division Forms

Air Division Forms
by Category and Form Number

The following Division of Air Resource Management forms are available for download. Links display the corresponding DEP form numbers.

Application Forms

Note: Instead of downloading an application for air permit form, you have the option of using the Electronic Permit Submittal and Processing System to submit your application information online.

For a list of permit application fees, refer to Rule 62-4.050, Florida Administrative Code

Note: If the requested transfer of ownership is for a Title V Source and the Responsible Official will be changing, please also submit a Title V Responsible Official Notification form.

Report Forms

  • Annual Operating Report for Air Pollutant Emitting Facility (Including Title V Source Emissions Fee Calculation)
    DEP Form No. 62-210.900(5)  Effective June 22, 2017

Note: Instead of downloading the Annual Operating Report form, you have the option of using the Electronic Annual Operating Report to submit your annual emissions data.

Notification Forms

Note: A Title V Responsible Official Notification form must be submitted each time a new Primary Responsible Official is appointed for a Title V Source and when a Primary Responsible Official chooses to identify an Alternate Responsible Official to act on his or her behalf. The completed Title V Responsible Official Notification form may be submitted electronically but must be submitted to and the Department's District Office or Contracted Local Program Office that is the identified permitting authority for the Title V Source.

Note: Instead of submitting this Notice of Demolition or Asbestos Renovation form, you have the option of using the Online Asbestos Notification System.

Air General Permits

Note: There are no official forms for Air General Permit registration. You have the option of registering online using the Air General Permit Electronic Registration System available through the Air General Permits webpage, or submitting the registration information as required by paragraph 62-210.310(2)(b), Florida Administrative Code.  An example registration worksheet for your type of facility is also available through the Air General Permits webpage to help you provide the required information in your submittal. 

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