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How to Find Air Documents Online

Air Permit Document Search

Air Permit Document Search is a user-friendly method to view air permit documents online. Air permits have been zipped and posted online for more than 10 years, and Electronic Permit Submittal and Processing System (EPSAP) applications may be viewed on the site as well. Scanned supporting documents may be found but should probably be accessed using OCULUS. In a future project, Air Permit Document Search (APDS) will be changed so that it will access documents from OCULUS, the electronic document management system of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

DEP Information Portal (Nexus)

The DEP Information Portal is a user-friendly way of accessing data and OCULUS documents associated with a permitted facility across DEP programs. Data included in this search includes location on aerial map, permits, program specific facility information, etc.

OCULUS (Electronic Document Management System)

OCULUS is DEP's general document management tool. Documents and the data related to the documents are searchable by basic information. Download the the following guide for detailed instructions.

Air – OCULUS Catalog for documents relating to permitted air program facilities

Consists of three broad document profiles:

  1. Permitting_Authorization: Documents relating to obtaining an air permit or air general permit.

  2. Discovery_Compliance: Documents relating to inspections, report reviews and other compliance activities.

  3. Enforcement_Legal: Documents relating to resolving a violation found at a permitted facility.

Asbestos – OCULUS Catalog for documents relating to asbestos notifications and related activities.

Consists of four broad document profiles:

  1. ASB_Notification: For notifications processed after April 1999, this contains documents associated with a notification submittal.

  2. ASB_Discovery_Compliance: For notifications processed after April 1999, consists of documents relating to inspections and other compliance activities associated with an asbestos removal or demolition project.

  3. ASB_Enforcement_Legal: For notifications processed after April 1999, documents relating to resolving a violation found at an asbestos removal or demolition project.

  4. ASB_File Cabinet: For notifications processed before April 1999, this contains historical asbestos program notification and other information. These records are grouped by district/local program office and county.

Disclaimer: Not all documents are available in OCULUS. Some documents may not be available in OCULUS because they are exempt public records. DEP has made a reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date and comprehensive but cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data. Any specific, missing information may be obtained by a file review for the particular facility at the appropriate DEP district office or local program office.

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