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Division of Air Maps

  • Air Quality Today
    This map, also called the Florida Spatial Air Quality System, displays the current Air Quality Index for all ambient air quality monitors in the State.

  • Air Permitted Facilities Map for ten important source categories
    This map displays Air Permitted Facilities for ten important source categories: Bioenergy Producers, Biological Waste Incinerators, Coal-fired Electrical Generating Facilities, Phosphate Fertilizer and Sulfuric Acid Producers, Electrical Generating Facilities, Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facilities, Portland Cement Plants, Pulp and Paper Mills, Tire Incinerators, and Waste-to-Energy Facilities.

  • All Air-Permitted Facilities with Current Permits
    This map shows all active permitted facilities in Florida.

  • Download AERMET Datasets
    This map shows the locations of the 32 AERMOD-ready meteorological datasets that DEP has compiled for regulatory modeling. Links to download the data are included in the map.

  • Class I Area Map
    This map shows all Class I areas in Florida and within 250 miles of the state and allows the user to locate the nearest Class I areas to any location. 

  • Siting Certified Facilities Map
    This map shows all certified facilities in Florida with access to information about each one.

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