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Application for Transfer of Air Permit - Title V and Non-Title V Source


Within 30 days after the sale or legal transfer of a permitted facility, an Application for Transfer of Air Permit must be submitted to the Department. An air permit is transferable only after submission of an Application for Transfer of Air Permit and  Department approval in accordance with Rule 62-4.120, F.A.C.

Submit the Application for Transfer of Air Permit to the DEP district office or local air program office that has permitting authority.

  • For Title V permit transfers only, a complete Application for Transfer of Air Permit shall include the requirements of 40 CFR 70.7(d)(1)(iv), adopted and incorporated by reference at Rule 62-204.800, F.A.C. Within 30 days after approval of the transfer of permit, the Department shall update the permit by an administrative permit correction pursuant to Rule 62-210.360, F.A.C.
  • Do not use an Application for Transfer of Air Permit for an air general permit. Thirty (30) days before using an air general permit, the new owner must submit a registration to the Department in accordance with subsection 62-210.310(2), F.A.C.
Form Number: 
62-210.900(7), F.A.C.
Effective-Revision Date: 
Sunday, October 12, 2008
Last Modified:
May 22, 2024 - 2:38pm

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