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Florida Statutes

Chapter 403 Florida Statutes (F.S.), entitled "Environmental Control," provides the legal authority for most of the activities of the air resource management program within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The principal sections of Chapter 403, F.S., which grant this authority are as follows:

Section Title
403.031 Definitions
403.061 Department; powers and duties
403.087 Permits; general issuance; denial; revocation; prohibition; penalty
403.0872 Operation permits for major sources of air pollution; annual operation license fee
403.0873 Florida Air-Operation License Fee Account
403.0877 Certification by professionals regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation
403.121 Enforcement; procedure; remedies
403.131 Injunctive relief, remedies
403.141 Civil liability; joint and several liability
403.161 Prohibitions, violation, penalty, intent
403.182 Local pollution control programs
403.201 Variances
403.716 Training of operators of solid waste management and other facilities
403.8052 Small Business Stationary Air Pollution Source Technical and Environmental Compliance Assistance Program
403.8055 Department adoption of federal standards
403.814 General permits; delegation

Other statutory authorities (outside of Chapter 403, F.S.) for Florida's Air Resource Management program are as follows:

Section Title
112.3143 Voting conflicts
112.3144 Full and public disclosure of financial interests
120.569 Decisions which affect substantial interests
316.2935 Air pollution control equipment; tampering prohibited
320.03 Registration; duties of tax collectors; International Registration Plan
376.60 Asbestos removal program inspection and notification fee

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