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Ethylene Oxide for Medical Sterilizers

Ethylene oxide is a flammable, colorless gas used to make other chemicals that are used in making a range of products, including antifreeze, textiles, plastics, detergents and adhesives. Ethylene oxide also is used to sterilize equipment and plastic devices that cannot be sterilized by steam, such as medical equipment. EPA is committed to reducing risks from ethylene oxide. 

  • To learn more about Ethylene Oxide and its use in Medical Sterilizers, EPA's webpage has more information.
  • To read answers on basic information, health information and regulations for Ethylene Oxide see EPA's Frequent Questions on Ethylene Oxide webpage.
  • To understand why Ethylene Oxide is used in sterilizing medical devices and see answers to other questions around its use, the US Food and Drug Administration has answers on their webpage.

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August 22, 2022 - 7:46am

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