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What is a WBID?

A Water Body Identification number (WBID) is an assessment unit that is intended to represent Florida’s waterbodies at the watersheds or sub-watershed scale.  WBIDs have a unique identification number that is tracked by the department and have a geographic delineation as a polygon layer. The assessment units are drainage basins, lakes, lake drainage areas, springs, rivers and streams, segments of rivers and streams, coastal, bay and estuarine waters in Florida. The polygons roughly delineate the drainage basins surrounding the waterbody assessment units. The WBIDs are used in the annual impaired waters assessment, implementation of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) and Basin Management Action Plans (BMAPs) as well as other applications.

Where is my WBID? 

If you would like to find a particular WBID of interest, for example, your favorite river, spring or lake, please use the interactive map below. This map will show you Verified Impaired WBIDs (those waterbodies impaired for a parameter and in need of a TMDL), Florida TMDLs (existing and in progress), and BMAP areas (existing and in progress).  This map allows you to search based on a geographic location or by waterbody name.

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Basin Downloads



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10-20-20 WBID Run 60 WBID Shapefile
10-20-20 WBID Stations 60 IWR Stations Shapefile
7-10-20 WBID Run 59 WBID Shapefile
7-10-20 WBID Stations 59 IWR Stations Shapefile
10-30-19 WBID Run 58 WBID Shapefile
10-30-19 WBID Stations 58 IWR Stations Shapefile
8-28-19 WBID Run 57 WBID Shapefile
8-28-19 IWR Stations Run 57 IWR Stations Shapefile

Basin Contacts Map

(Updated August 21, 2019)

Please Note: 

  • For further information regarding the listing process, please contact Kevin ODonnell via email or at 850-245-8469.
  • Files are ZIP format files unless otherwise indicated, and contain shape file information for GIS applications.

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