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Watershed Assessment Contacts


Position Title and Description


Kevin O'Donnell
Program Administrator of the Water Quality Evaluation and TMDL Program (WQETP), consisting of the Watershed Assessment and Total Maximum Daily Load sections; coordinates the overall planning, design and implementation of all program activities.


Jessica Mostyn
Environmental Administrator - Leads the Watershed Assessment Section (WAS); coordinates the overall planning, design and implementation of all section activities. Section lead for the continuous monitoring workgroup.
David Tyler Environmental Manager - Team leader for Central, South, and Southeast districts; Mercury contract manager and the WIN data loader. 850-245-8458
Katrina Yancey Environmental Consultant - Team leader for the Northeast and Northwest districts; contact for the 303(d) submittal document to EPA and statewide beach advisory data. 850-245-8471
Benjamin Ralys Environmental Consultant - Section lead for development and evaluation of new and existing Alternative Restoration Plans: Reasonable Assurance Plans (RAPs or Category 4b Plans) and Pollutant Reduction Plans (Category 4e Plans). 850-245-8443
Phil Homann Environmental Consultant - IWR "Run" database manager; contact for the WBID history database and the Comprehensive Verified, Delist, Study and Study List removal lists; contact for Florida ATTAINS. 850-245-8472
Curtis Musson Environmental Consultant - Develops the Strategic Monitoring Plans for statewide monitoring activities; section lead for the bioassessment workgroup. 850-245-8453
Raymond Stuart Environmental Consultant - WBID and stations manager; assists IWR Run database manager. 850-245-8063
Jennifer Piacente Environmental Consultant - Team leader for the Southwest district and oversees WAS quality assurance activities; WAS quality assurance officer. 850-245-8463
Corrine Flumerfelt Environmental Consultant - Assists in section projects, trend analysis evaluations, Study List assessments; develops and evaluates assessments for South and Southeast districts; updates statewide parameter comment template. 850-245-8442
Gus Fischer Environmental Specialist II - Develops and evaluates assessments for the Southwest district. 850-245-8448
Allyson Reinert Environmental Specialist II - Develops and evaluates assessments for the Central District.


Charles "Nick" Sardisco Environmental Specialist II - Develops and evaluates assessments for the Northwest District. 850-245-2997
Vacant Environmental Specialist II - Develops and evaluates assessments for the Northeast District. 850-245-8433

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