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Land-Based Sources of Pollution Focus Area

Program Goals and Objectives

The Land-Based Sources of Pollution (LBSP) Focus Area was formed to address impacts to corals resulting from both point and non-point land-based sources of pollution. Point and non-point sources of pollution result in unintentional but very real stresses on coral reef ecosystem health. The key goals and objectives for this focus area are to characterize the extent and condition of the coral reef tract and to quantify, characterize and prioritize the land-based sources of pollution that need to be addressed based on identified impacts to the reefs. Many LBSP projects are research-focused; As such, the LBSP Focus Area works closely with leading research scientists in the fields of coral reef ecology, water quality, geology, chemistry, and biology through the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative (SEFCRI) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).


LBSP Focus Area Projects

The LBSP Focus Area works on 33 projects outlined in the SEFCRI Local Action Strategy (LAS) well as non-LAS projects. Projects include the mapping of the coral reef tract and identification of the benthic habitats; a bio-marker study observing the impacts of pollution on coral reefs; identification and implementation of best management practices to limit pollution; studies to determine the source and extent of pollution originating from groundwater sources, outfall pipes, atmospheric sources and ocean inlets; and collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on a pilot water quality monitoring project of the northern Florida Reef Tract.

SEFCRI Local Action Strategy (LAS) LBSP Projects

Non-LAS LBSP Project Reports and Products

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