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DEP Biosolids Technical Advisory Committee

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is committed to protecting Florida’s water and natural resources. Vital to our mission is working cooperatively with state, local and federal agencies, local communities as well as various stakeholder and interest groups that provide key input, local knowledge and additional data and information to help inform our regulatory and restoration programs.

DEP is aware of an increased interest in better understanding the nutrient impacts of the land application of biosolids. Because the Department remains committed to using science to guide our efforts, the Department has created a Biosolids Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to evaluate current management practices and potential opportunities for enhancements to better protect Florida’s water resources.

DEP received over 40 nominations, with representatives from local governments, environmental interests, agricultural interests, large and small utilities, haulers, consultants, and academia. The agency carefully evaluated each nomination submittal, and selected seven nominees based on their qualifications and experience related to biosolids and water resource management. The following nominees have been selected and agreed to serve on the TAC:

Academia: Dr. George O’Connor is a professor at the University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Science, Soil and Water Sciences Department. Dr. O’Connor has over four decades of experience on the science and application on the use of biosolids. He is extensively published on this topic and is considered national authority on biosolids management.

Academia: Dr. Wendy Graham is the Carl S. Swisher Eminent Scholar in Water Resources in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Director of the Water Institute at the University of Florida. Her research focuses on hydrologic modeling and the impacts of agricultural production on surface and groundwater. In her role as director, Dr. Graham coordinates interdisciplinary research programs, focusing new technologies and policies to a ensure sustainable water future.

Small Utilities: Brian Stahl is a registered Professional Engineer and has dedicated much of career to biosolids management. Brian was the former Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA) Biosolids Committee Chairman and has 30 years of experience in the design, construction, permitting and implementation of wastewater projects. He has experience working with small and rural Florida communities and has most recently focused on innovative biosolid stabilization and dewatering projects.

Large Utilities: Michael Hudkins is a registered Professional Engineer with 26 years of experience in environmental engineering. He has worked in both the public and private sector and is currently the manager of the Orange County Utilities Water Reclamation Division.

Environmental: Dr. Paul Gray has served as the staff scientist for Audubon Florida for 23 years and has extensive experience in water resource management. Dr. Gray is currently the coordinator of the Northern Everglades Program and manager of the Ordwat-Whittell Kissimmee Prairie Endowment Fund.

Agricultural: Gary Ritter served the South Florida Water Management District- Okeechobee Service Area for 36 years in a variety of capacities including water quality monitoring and regulation, land management, compliance, and land management. In his current role as the Assistant Director of Government and Community Affairs at the Florida Farm Bureau Federation (FFBF), Mr. Ritter represents FFBF initiatives to government agencies and serves as a liaison between local Farm Bureau Boards, farming communities and governmental agencies.

Haulers: Steve Hacht is the President of H&H Liquid Sludge Disposal, Inc., which is one of the largest biosolid reuse and disposal companies in Florida. H&H’s primary disposal method is land application but also manage multiple biosolid treatment facilities that distribute pelletized AA fertilizer.

Biosolids TAC Meetings 

    The Department is committed to keeping the public informed as the committee begins their work. This page will be used to provide the most up-to-date details on scheduled meetings and committee activities. You are encouraged to bookmark this page and check back frequently. Any person interested in learning more about the TAC may email  You may also sign up to receive automatic updates via email. As a state agency sponsored committee, this committee will be required to follow all requirements under Florida's Government in the Sunshine Law, also known as the Open Meetings Law. All meetings will be publicly noticed and open to the public.

    TAC Meeting 4 - January 23, 2019

    The Department of Environmental Protection will hold the fourth public meeting of the Biosolids Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on January 23, 2019 at 10:00 am at the DEP Central District Office, located at 3319 McGuire Blvd, Orlando, FL 32803. A live webinar will also be available for the meeting. Webinar participants may register online. A copy of the agenda is available below, and may also be obtained by contacting: Stephanie Gudeman, Division of Water Resource Management, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 3560, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400.

    TAC Meeting 3 - November 28 and 29, 2018

    The third public meeting of the Biosolids Technical Advisory Committee was held on November 28 and 29 at DEP’s Central District Office in Orlando FL. 

    A copy of the agenda, as well as other meeting materials, are available below.

     Meeting Presentations
    • Biosolids Technologies Snapshot
    • Overview of Current Biosolids Studies and Summary Results of Past Projects
    • Biosolids-Borne Trace Organics
    • Biosolids Land Application Site Inspections

    TAC Meeting 2 - November 16, 2018

    The second public meeting of the Biosolids Technical Advisory Committee was held on November 16  in DEP’s Central District Office in Orlando, FL. A copy of the agenda, as well as other meeting materials, are available below.

    Meeting Presentations

    TAC Meeting 1 - September 5, 2018

    The first public meeting of the Biosolids Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was held on September 5, 2018 at the DEP Central District Office in Orlando, FL . A copy of the agenda, as well as other meeting materials, are available below.

    Meeting Presentations
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