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Industrial Uses of Reclaimed Water

View of the cooling towers at the Curtis H. Stanton Energy Center in Orlando, Florida.Curtis H. Stanton Energy Center

The 2 large, hyperbolic cooling towers at this power plant are permitted to receive up to 13.0 mgd of reclaimed water to cool the plant’s boilers. The plant receives its high-level disinfected reclaimed water from the Orange County Eastern Regional water reclamation facility in Orlando.

McIntosh Power Plant

The 7.9 mgd* of reclaimed water used for cooling purposes at this plant receives intermediate level disinfection from Lakeland’s domestic wastewater treatment facility.

McKay Bay Refuse to Energy Facility

This Tampa facility is permitted to receive up to 2.3 mgd of high-level disinfection reclaimed water from the Howard F. Curren WWTF to be used for cooling water.  Howard F. Curren WWTF can also provide up to 4.32 mgd of reclaimed water to be used in a closed-loop system for heating purposes at Mosaic Fertilizer (formerly CF industries).  

University of Florida Co-Generation Facility

The cooling towers at this facility can use up to 0.5 mgd of high-level disinfection reclaimed water for cooling water. The facility receives its reclaimed water from the University of Florida wastewater treatment facility.

Duke Energy-Hines Complex (in south Polk County)

This plant uses reclaimed water for non-contact cooling using large cooling ponds. It is permitted to receive up to 4.0 mgd of basic disinfection reclaimed water from the Bartow WWTP.

*Flow from the 2015 Reuse Inventory Report. The volume of water used on a daily basis fluctuates on an as needed basis, and there are no restrictions on the volume that can be routed to the power plant.

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