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Coastal Engineering Geology Group Technical Reports

The following documents are available for downloading in either MS Excel, MS Word, or Adobe Acrobat Reader (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Software). For more information or assistance with publications, please contact us.

High Frequency Storm Tide Study Reports  |  SBEACH  |  Hurricane and Tropical Storm Reports  |  Critical Erosion Report  |  Length of Sandy Shoreline  |  Engineering and Reporting Guidelines  |  Project Monitoring Standards  |  Sediment Geotechnical Guidelines Carbonate Beaches of Florida

High Frequency Storm Tide Study Reports

The study report includes the tropical storms in the 2-D storm surge simulations. The hydrographs for return periods of 15 and 25 years are generated for high frequency erosion model application, such as SBEACH.

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Hurricane and Tropical Storm Reports

Overview and Comparative Storm Reports

Post-Storm Reports

2018 Storm Reports

2017 Storm Reports

2016 Storm Reports

2005 Storm Reports

2004 Storm Reports

Hurricane Characteristics and Storm Tide Elevations

Historical Post-Storm Reports (pre-2000)

    For additional information on tropical storms and hurricanes, please visit the National Hurricane Center website to view its storm data archives.

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Critical Erosion Report

Length of Sandy Shoreline

Engineering and Reporting Guidelines

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Project Monitoring Standards

Sediment Geotechnical Guidelines

Carbonate Beaches of Florida

Carbonate Beaches of Florida: An Inventory of Monroe County Beaches - Beaches and Shores Technical and Design Memorandum 90-1, March 1990

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More Information - Contacts

  • For more information concerning the post-storm and 100 year reports or the statewide coastal monitoring program, please email Robert Brantly.
  • For more information concerning the critical erosion report, carbonate beaches report, post storm reports and inlet reports please email Ralph Clark.
  • For more information concerning the High Frequency Storm Tide Study Reports, please email Shang-Yih Wang.
  • For more information concerning historic shoreline reports, and shoreline change rate estimates, please email Michael Manausa.
  • For more information concerning engineering and reporting guidelines please email Ralph Clark.
  • For more information concerning the sediment geotechnical guidelines please email Jennifer Steele.
  • Phone numbers can be found on the Staff Contacts page.

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