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Florida Water Management Inventory Project

Project Goal 

The goal of the Florida Water Management Inventory (FLWMI) is to provide an up-to-date centralized geographic data map for developed properties with a drinking water source (public water or private domestic well) and wastewater treatment method (central sewer or onsite septic).

Project Overview 

The initial inventory was completed in October 2016, and reflects information received from multiple stakeholders across the state. The inventory was further updated during 2017. However, there are gaps in the data from a lack of available information and where several public water and sewer providers did not submit data. The future cycles of the inventory are focused on filling in these gaps and updating the parcels with additional information from drinking water and wastewater.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection collects specific information for wastewater treatment facilities and public water systems. They do not collect any information on the properties served by those facilities. Private domestic wells and onsite septic systems are permitted by different agencies across the state. We collect and synthesize this information for the entire state. FLWMI allows public and private parties to access data that is timely and efficient. This increases effectiveness in areas of disaster preparedness, real estate investment, county planning, and locating wells near environmental health hazards. Florida has a very comprehensive online map, along with data available for download.

For More Information

Please see the FLWMI project website at the Florida Department of Health

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