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Septic Tank Contractor Registration

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Septic Tank Contractor Information

Septic Tank Contractor Application Requirements

Individuals wishing to apply to become a new septic tank contractor within the State of Florida should review our Septic Tank Contractor Registration Packet, as well as our Frequently Asked Questions. In compliance with section 489.553, F.S., the information below is required for anyone seeking licensure under Part III, "Septic Tank Contracting," of Chapter 489, F.S.:

  • Completed DEP Form 4075: Application for Septic Tank Contractor Registration.
  • $75 check or money order payable to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
  • List of the 25 most recent contracts by the applicant or business organization completed immediately preceding the date of filing.
  • Signed statements from two persons not related to the applicant for whom the applicant has provided services in the onsite sewage industry, stating what services were provided.
  • Certification from a registered septic tank contractor or plumbing contractor of the applicant’s employment dates and work responsibilities.
  • Documentation of payment of federal withholding tax and social security as required by law. For principal corporate officers of a corporation or partners in a partnership, legal documentation of their position in the corporation or partnership may be substituted for withholding tax and social security documentation.
  • Two recent color passport style photographs, not older than 12 months and 1 1/2 × 1 1/2 inches in size. 

Mail the completed application, fee and supporting documentation to:

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Water Resource Management
Onsite Sewage Program
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 3596, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

Current registered septic tank contractors wishing to become a master septic tank contractor should review our Master Septic Tank Contractor Registration Packet. Applications must include a completed DEP Form 4105 Application for Master Septic Tank Contractor Registration, master contractor training certificates, a notarized statement explaining items checked “yes” in Section III of the application, Attachment I (Statement Acknowledging Statutory and Rule Requirements), an application fee of $75.00 and any other support documentation.

Per subsections 489.553(9) and (10), F.S., the department has a list of crimes including (1) crimes not related to the practice of the profession or the ability to practice the profession and does not constitute grounds for denial of registration; and (2) crimes that have been used as a basis for denial of registration in the past two years.

Certificate of Authorization Requirements

All septic tank contracting activities must be conducted under the name authorized by the department. The structure of the business determines whether a certificate of authorization is required. If required, mail a completed DEP Form 4077, Application for Certificate of Authorization, supporting documentation and a $250 check or money order payable to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to the address listed above.

The following business structures require a certificate of authorization:

  • An individual offering contracting services under a fictitious name as defined by the Florida Department of State. The individual proprietor or a legal employee must be a registered septic tank contractor to qualify the business.
  • A business that is structured as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or association. All individuals who act on behalf of the business as contractors must be registered or master contractors. At least one of the principal officers, partners, or members must be a registered or master septic tank contractor.

Septic tank businesses structured as a sole proprietorship, operating under the owner’s legal name, are not required to obtain a certificate of authorization. To request exemption from the certificate of authorization requirement, please provide a written statement that your business is a sole proprietorship offering septic tank contracting services under the proprietor’s (registered septic tank contractor’s) legal name. 

Section 489.555(1), Florida Statutes, states, in part, “A registered contractor may not be the sole qualifying contractor for more than one business that requests a certificate of authorization.” Any business name change or change of qualifying septic tank contractor change must be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documentation from the Florida Department of State for the fictitious name, partnership, or corporation. 

Contractor Registration Renewal

All septic tank contractor registrations expire annually on Sept. 30. If you wish to renew your registration, please complete DEP Form 4076 Application for Septic Tank Contractor Registration Renewal and return it to the address above along with copies of your continuing education certificates and a check or money order for $100 payable to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Renewal applications must be postmarked no later than Sept. 30 every year. Registrations not renewed annually, by Sept. 30, will automatically revert to inactive status. If a septic contractors registration becomes inactive, department permitting and inspection services related to septic tank contracting will not be provided.

Registered contractors must include certificates of completion for at least 12 hours of approved continuing education for each 12 month renewal cycle. If you hold a master septic tank contractor registration, you must include certificates for a minimum of 18 hours, at least six of which must be obtained in master level courses. If you have more than the required hours, up to six may be used for next year’s renewal.

Certificate of Authorization Renewal

Certificate of authorizations for septic tank contracting businesses expires March 31 of every odd year. To renew a certificate of authorization, complete the DEP Form 4077, Application for Certificate of Authorization and return it to the address above with a check or money order for $250 payable to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. In order for an authorization to be renewed, the corporation must be "Active" with the Florida Department of State.

Please note, businesses that do not renew their certificate of authorization by March 31 will not be allowed to offer or provide septic tank contracting services and will not receive inspections or other septic-related services.

Continuing Education

The department approves and maintains a list of septic tank contracting course providers and courses approved for continuing education.

New course providers must apply to the department prior to offering courses. Existing approved course providers seeking course approval must apply to the department prior to offering the course.

Forms List

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