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Septic Contracting Frequently Asked Questions

In Florida, who is allowed to do work on a septic system?

  1. A homeowner can do septic work only on his or her owner-occupied, single-family home.
  2. A state plumber, licensed pursuant to section 489.105(3)(m), F.S.
  3. A septic tank contractor registered pursuant to Part III of Chapter 489, F.S. and Part III of Rule 62-6, F.A.C.

Is experience under a licensed plumber equivalent to that obtained under a registered septic tank contractor?

Yes, provided the applicant can document that septic tank contracting services were provided under the supervision of a state plumber licensed pursuant to section 489.105(3)(m), F.S.

Is a state licensed plumber exempt from septic tank installation permits, inspections and other Chapter 62-6, F.A.C. requirements?

No. The state licensed plumber is only exempt from the septic tank contractor registration requirement. All other requirements found in Rule 62-6, F.A.C., and sections 381.0065-381.00655, F.S., pertaining to the installation, repair, modification, maintenance and septic tank pumping and abandonment must be met.

Is out-of-state septic tank work experience acceptable to qualify for the septic tank contractor registration examination?

Out-of-state work experience shall be accepted on a year-for-year basis for any applicant who demonstrates that they hold a current statewide license for septic tank contracting which was issued upon satisfactory completion of an equivalent examination and required continuing education courses for renewal. For purposes of this section, an equivalent examination means that at a minimum, the following topics were tested and passed: system location and installation; site evaluation criteria; system size determinations; disposal of septage; construction standards for drainfield systems; and U.S. Department of Agriculture soil textural classification system. A person employed by and under the supervision and control of such a licensed contractor shall be granted up to two years of related work experience.

Is septic tank work experience documented with IRS Form 1099 acceptable to qualify for the septic tank contractor registration examination?

No. IRS Form 1099 specifically documents non-employee compensation for services rendered. This type of work experience indicates a possible sub-contractual relationship between a registered septic tank contractor and an individual who is not allowed under Florida rules and statutes to offer to contract or provide septic tank contracting activities.

When and where are septic tank contractor registrations offered?

Examinations are offered in Tallahassee and Orlando. Examinations are scheduled from 9 a.m to noon. Contact to verify when the next exam is scheduled.

Is there a course requirement prior to application for septic tank contractor registration examinations?

No. There is no course requirement for taking the exam.

Are there any penalties for offering or providing septic tank contracting services without a registration and a business authorization from the department?

Yes. Individuals and companies may be subject to administrative actions, citations, fines and other legal actions, if services are performed or offered without the benefit of a registration and a business authorization.

Can a registered septic tank contractor authorize more than one business?

No. A registered septic tank contractor may not be the sole qualifier for more than one septic tank contracting business requiring a certificate of authorization.

Can an authorized septic tank business advertise under multiple (more than one) business names?

No. An authorized septic tank business may only advertise under the business name authorized with the department.

Can an authorized septic tank contracting business continue to operate after losing its sole qualifying contractor?

An authorized business organization which loses its qualifying contractor shall have 60 days from the date the qualifying contractor left the business to obtain another qualifying contractor. During this time, the authorized business may not undertake any new contracts.  Existing and ongoing (cyclical) contracts executed by the registered septic tank contractor prior to his or her leaving the authorized business may be completed during this time.

Can a registered septic tank contractor be exempt from the certificate of business authorization?

Yes. A registered contractor offering septic tank contracting under his given name, as a sole proprietorship, is exempt from the business authorization certificate. Example: John Doe Septic, with John Doe as the only owner would not be required for filing. If John Doe's wife Jane were also an owner, a fictitious name would need to be filed and a certificate of authorization would be required. Also, John's Septic or Doe's Septic would require the filing of a fictitious name and a certificate of authorization. If you are exempt from filing with the Department of State for a fictitious name, you are exempt from the certificate of authorization.

Do I need to be a registered septic tank contractor to pump septic tanks?

Yes. Registered septic tank contractors (and state-licensed plumbers) may pump septic tanks with an appropriate active service permit from their local county health department.

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