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Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems (OSTDS) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)


In 2020, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 712, also known as the Clean Waterways Act, now Chapter 2020-150, Laws of Florida. This legislation passed with unanimous, bipartisan support and carries a wide range of water-quality protection provisions aimed at minimizing the impact of known sources of nutrient pollution and strengthening regulatory requirements.

The Clean Waterways Act directed the DEP to create an OSTDS Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) that would provide recommendations to Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature related to requirements for the physical location of OSTDS and the marketplace availability and use of associated Enhanced Nutrient Reducing (ENR) technology.

TAC Meetings 

DEP is committed to keeping the public informed about TAC activities. This page is used to provide the most up-to-date TAC information. As a state agency sponsored committee, this TAC is required to follow all requirements of Florida's "Government in the Sunshine" law, also known as the "Open Meetings" law. All meetings are publicly noticed and open to the public.

There are no upcoming TAC meetings scheduled at this time. Once the recommendations are finalized, they will be posted on this page. For more information about the TAC, please email You can also sign up to receive email announcements for TAC activities. 

Previous OSTDS TAC Meetings

Meeting/Notice Agenda Webinar Recording Materials
TAC Meeting 6 - Nov. 29, 2021 Nov. 29, 2021 Meeting 6 Agenda -
TAC Meeting 5 - Nov. 17, 2021

Nov. 17, 2021 Meeting 5 Agenda

TAC Meeting 4 - Nov.10, 2021  Nov.10, 2021 Meeting 4 Agenda Meeting 4

TAC Meeting 3 - Oct. 25, 2021

Oct. 25, 2021 Meeting 3 Agenda

Meeting 3
TAC Meeting 2 - Oct. 13, 2021 Oct.13, 2021 Meeting 2 Agenda Meeting 2
TAC Meeting 1 - Aug. 25, 2021 Aug. 25, 2021 Meeting 1 Agenda -


TAC Purpose and Mission 

Public input is an important and valued part of all Florida rule development activities. The formation of a TAC provides DEP with an additional way to seek and receive public input and recommendations during the rule development process. This TAC is focused on the direction in the Clean Waterways Act. The goal of this TAC is to develop and provide consensus recommendations through public discussion and constructive deliberation to the governor and legislature by Jan. 1, 2022.

The mission of the OSTDS TAC is established as follows: 

The mission of the OSTDS TAC shall be to provide a forum for identifying and constructively outlining recommendations to the governor and legislature based on the most recent scientific information available and the direction provided by Chapter 2020-150, Laws of Florida. 

TAC Charge Questions 

The initial charge questions for the TAC are: 

  • How can market availability be increased for ENR OSTDS that are cost-effective, low maintenance, and reliable?
  • What regulatory options, such as fast-track approval, prequalification, or expedited permitting, would facilitate the introduction and use of ENR OSTDS that have been reviewed and approved by a national agency or organization, such as the American National Standards Institute 245 systems approved by the NSF International?
  • What is the appropriate setback distance for OSTDS from surface water, groundwater, and wells?

TAC Membership 

As directed by Section 8 of Chapter 2020-150, Laws of Florida, DEP has identified key stakeholder groups and professionals willing to commit their time serving on the TAC. These representatives will provide the benefit of their technical expertise and will coordinate input and perspective representing their stakeholder categories. The TAC members and their respective stakeholder categories are listed below:

A professional engineer

  • John Shearer - Shearer Consulting, Inc.

A septic tank contractor

  • Greg Mayfield - Tampa Septic, Inc.-Southern Water and Soil

Two representatives from the home building industry

  • Robert Himschoot - Crews Environmental
  • Jerry Prescott - Liberty Plumbing and Septic

A representative from the real estate industry

  • JP Fraites - Florida Realtors

A representative from the OSTDS industry

  • Roxanne Groover - Florida Onsite Wastewater Association, Inc.

A representative from local government

  • Virginia Barker - Brevard County Natural Resources Management Department 

Two representatives from the environmental community

  • Chris Farrell - Audubon Florida
  • Cyndi Fernandez - Conservation Florida

A representative of the scientific and technical community who has substantial expertise in the areas of the fate and transport of water pollutants, toxicology, epidemiology, geology, biology or environmental sciences

  • Dr. John Schert - University of Florida

Public Comments

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