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Coastal Construction Control Line Emergency Permitting

Post-Storm Permitting Procedures and Assistance

The state of Florida Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) emergency permitting requirements apply to post storm recovery activities seaward of the coastal construction control lines established for 25 sandy beach counties or seaward of a 50-foot setback from mean high water on beaches of coastal counties without established CCCLs.

  • Post Storm Emergency Permitting Resources - An overview of the CCCL Program's emergency permitting, storm recovery assistance and local government emergency relief measures available seaward of a coastal construction control line after a coastal storm emergency has been declared. 
  • Post Storm Public Information Handout - An explanation of post storm recovery activities that are authorized seaward of the CCCL under the department’s Emergency Final Order (EFO). The type of permits, exemptions or approvals needed for each project and the required construction conditions are detailed by recovery activity and location. Additional regulatory tips for post-storm work on private property under the EFO.
  • Guidance to Local Governments for Emergency Temporary Coastal Armoring and Other Measures Seaward of the CCCL - Instructions to local governments on post storm permitting of temporary protective measures such as sandbags and temporary walls.
  • Post Storm Permit Assistance Request Form - Technical assistance request for property owners and others to send in to the CCCL program for help.  Accurate contact, location and activity descriptions will make sure the technical assistance request is routed to staff that can respond with guidance on how best to approach the storm recovery situation.
  • Permit Application Information - CCCL permit application webpage with guidance documents and emergency permitting application form.
  • Post-Hurricane Recovery Sand Specification - Sand material quality specifications for sand grain sizes, sand colors and other sediment characteristics that will meet the CCCL sand rule’s (section 62B-33.005(7), F.A.C.) beach compatibility standard for use of fill sand seaward of the coastal construction control line in post storm recovery activities such as emergency fill placement or dune restoration. 

Coastal Storm Information 

  • DEP's Hurricane Page - DEP's Communication Office site for information related to agency-wide storm response.
  • Current Season Storms - DEP's Division of Water Resource Management site with DEP Emergency Final Orders and information on environmental resource permits and drinking water and wastewater facilities.
  • Post-Storm Report Archives - Historical record of coastal storm damage assessment reports prepared by Beaches Coastal Engineering and Geology Program.
  • C.O.A.S.T.S. Search Page - Collection of Aerials and Shorelines Trend System that can be searched by storm name, year, county or range monument for aerial, still and video photography and other digital data.
  • Post-Storm Windshield Surveys - State of Florida Emergency Operations Center, ESF10 Event Portal. This ESRI ArcGIS browser includes DEP agency-wide storm recovery data. Select the Beaches tab along the top to view the Windshield Survey sites. Select the red dots to view general data recorded at the beach, including beach condition observations and ground still photography.

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