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Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) Publications

General Coastal Construction Information

Frequently Asked Questions About the CCCL - Non-technical discussion of CCCL topics.

How to determine if your property is seaward of the CCCL using 'Map Direct' - Property owners, buyers and real estate professionals can follow these tips for using the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Map Direct on-line mapping tool to locate the CCCL on beachfront properties as described in the Coastal Properties Disclosure Statement found in section 161.57, Florida Statutes, and print a map showing the CCCL location on the property.  

Homeowners Guide to Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) Program - A description of the Coastal Construction Control Line Program and its requirements.

Coastal Construction Items of Concern - Covers topics such as proper locations of buildings and other structures, foundations for structures, coastal armoring (seawalls, etc.), turtle nesting, dune vegetation and landscaping guidelines.

Beaches and Coastal Systems Coastal Armoring Policy and Guidelines - General description of statewide policies for coastal armoring structures on properties seaward of a CCCL.

Guidelines to Local Governments for Emergency Temporary Coastal Armoring Seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line -  - Instructions for local governments on post storm permitting of temporary protective measures.

CCCL Permit Application Guidance

APPLY - CCCL Permit Application Process [webpage]

Electronic Document Submission Instructions  - Provides instructions on how to submit electronic fillable forms such as the CCCL Permit Application, and digital documents such as surveys and plans.

Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection Instructions for the Electronic Submission of Sealed Documents  - Attachment to Electronic Document Submission Instructions.

Coastal Vegetation / Dune Protection

Coastal Construction and Sea Turtles - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website for living at the beach with sea turtles.

Sand Fencing Guidelines - Information about sand fences and their installation.

Beach/Dune Walkover Guidelines  - Dune walkover design and construction information.

Recommended Florida Native Beach and Dune Plants for Beachfront Properties and Dune Restoration (2.1 MB)

Building Back the Sand Dunes - Pamphlet describing dune enhancement practices.

Florida's Beaches and Shores Study Book - The printable booklet contains study exercises about beaches and dunes and can be used as a coloring book. 

Dead Fish and Seaweed Removal - This document provides advice for beachfront communities and property managers that handle dead fish and large accumulations of seaweed on Florida beaches.  This 3-page guidance document or "best management practice" provides information on how to keep the cleanup operation consistent with state of Florida coastal construction and sea turtle conservation regulations.

Coastal Storm Elevations

100-Year Storm Elevation Requirements for Habitable Structures Located Seaward of a Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL)  - A Report plus Appendices A and B providing design elevations for 25 Florida counties with established CCCLs.

Addendum to 100-Year Storm Report - Adds Elevations for Keewaydin Island, Collier County.

     Note:  Elevation values of above documents are in NGVD (1929) vertical datum; to convert values to newer NAVD (1988) vertical datum, a program utility such as Corpscon 6.0 must be applied.

Revised Combined Total Storm Tide Frequency Analysis - Excerpts from reports titled, “Combined Total Storm Tide Frequency Analysis,” prepared for each county with an established CCCL.

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