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Hazardous Waste Financial Assurance Forms

Financial Assurance Forms & Form Guidance

For proof of financial responsibility, originally signed duplicates of financial mechanism(s) shall be submitted on the appropriate form(s) pursuant to Rule 62‑730.180(6)(a), F.A.C.. DEP Form 62‑730.900(4)(a)-(r) are available below.

Note: If a letter of credit or a surety bond is used, a standby trust fund agreement [Forms 62-730.900(4)(f) or (r)] is also needed.


Financial Responsibility Forms

Financial Test and Corporate Guarantee

Trust Fund and Standby Trust Fund Agreements

Letter of Credit

Surety Bonds


* - A standby trust fund agreement [Form 62-730.900(4)(f) or (r)] is also needed when using Forms 62-730.900(4)(g), (h), (i), (o) and  (p).


Delegation of Authority Letter

Signatory for the owner or operator on bonds, trust funds and letters of credit cover letters should be the president of a corporation, managing member of an LLC or equivalent for entity type. If the name of the president (or equivalent) is not found on the Florida Division of Corporations website (Sunbiz), or if anyone else signs, additional documentation will be required.


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Contact Information

Shared mailbox:
If your regular contact cannot be reached, feel free to contact any of the other team members.

Mail completed original signature documents to:

Financial Assurance Working Group
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road MS 4548
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400


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