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Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve - Sustainable Public Use

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Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve encourages the sustainable use of natural resources while minimizing the user impacts. With only 150 submerged acres contained within the aquatic preserve boundaries, it is imperative to maintain the balance between needs of recreational users and the protection of the natural resource. Popular recreational uses include boating, fishing, tubing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and canoeing, and birding and wildlife observing. Public support and interagency participation are increasingly important in the protection of the natural resource to ensure its existing conditions for future generations.

These are the primary strategies of Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve to encourage sustainable public use:

  • Facilitate research to identify human use conflicts with natural resources.

  • Maintain relationships with local law enforcement to understand, prevent, and deter any potential threats to the resources.

  • Attend meetings with regulatory, Rainbow Springs State Park, and SWFWMD staff to provide updates and discuss relevant issues within the aquatic preserve.

  • Work with Rainbow Springs State Park and FWC's Law Enforcement Division to ensure the proper use of entrance locations for the aquatic preserve, to discourage improper use and creation of unauthorized access points. This will also aid in the reduction of additional damage to the natural resources.

  • Work with local resource agencies and vendors to improve education on the responsible use of the unique recreational opportunities within Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve. Educational materials include kiosks and literature available to the public at various locations associated with the aquatic preserve.

  • Work with adjacent land managers and government agencies to promote expansion of non-consumptive activities (kayaking and nature viewing).

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