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Yellow River Marsh Aquatic Preserve - Sedimentation

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A sandy shore in the Yellow River Marsh Aquatic Preserve

Sedimentation, the depositing especially by mechanical means of matter suspended in a liquid, is another issue of Yellow River Marsh Aquatic Preserve. Due to agricultural land use, unpaved roads and heavy rain events, the turbidity in the water body is often heavy. The results of this make for poor habitat conditions, especially for seagrass due to low light penetration.

A 2008 study by Michael Lewis, Richard Deveraux and Pete Borgeois has shown a dramatic decline in light penetration within the Pensacola Bay Watershed. In addition to seagrass decline, overall habitat is declining, particularly for the Eastern oyster.

Strategies to address sedimentation include:

  • Coordinate with the Environmental Resource Permitting section of DEP and consultants performing upland work, via applications, that could affect sedimentation within Yellow River and the aquatic preserve.
  • Work with the Florida Department of Transportation to coordinate any roadway improvements along the Interstate 10 corridor and State Highway 87 to reduce and potentially mitigate current sedimentation loads into Yellow River.
  • Promote the paving of earthen roads, when appropriate, in Santa Rosa County and adjoining managed areas.
  • Measure changes in turbidity through continuous water quality monitoring, and coordinate with other organizations to include historical data.
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