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Reclamation Forms

Land Reclamation Program Forms and Filing Instructions

This webpage provides links to forms required by the land reclamation regulatory program. The forms have been adopted for use in Chapters 62C-16, 62C-36, 62C-38, and 62C-39, Florida Administrative Code.

The Department of Environmental Protection has implemented a paperless permitting process. This allows for electronic submission of applications, forms, and requests for information. Compliance forms and reports may be submitted electronically. To complete the below forms, you must have Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher. We suggest that you download Adobe Reader, which is free, from Adobe.

Important Note: Do not email documents larger than 20 MB. Upload large documents to the Mining and Mitigation Program FTP site. Use the naming conventions outlined in the Electronic Submission Instructions document.

For more information on the Land Reclamation Program process, rules and statutes, contact:

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Mining and Mitigation Program
2600 Blair Stone Road, Mail Station 3577
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
850-245-8336 (phone) / 850-245-8356 (fax)
62C-16 Mandatory Phosphate Reclamation Forms
62C-16 Form 1

Application for a Conceptual Reclamation Plan or Modification

62C-16 Form 2

Annual Mining and Reclamation Report

62C-16 Form 3 Notice of Disturbance
62C-16 Form 4 Variance Application
62C-16 Form 6 Field Change Application

62C-36 Limestone Mine Reclamation Forms
62C-36 Form 1 Notice of Intent to Mine Limestone
62C-36 Form 2 Limestone Mine General Information and Conceptual Plan for Mining and Reclamation
62C-36 Form 3 Limestone Mine Conceptual Plan Change for Mining and Reclamation
62C-36 Form 4 Limestone Mine Annual Mining And Reclamation Report
62C-36 Form 5 Limestone Mine Notice Of Cessation Of Operations
62C-36 Form 6 Limestone Mine Reclamation Release Request

62C-38 Fuller's Earth Mine Reclamation Forms
62C-38 Form 1 Notice of Intent to Mine Fuller's Earth
62C-38 Form 2 Fuller's Earth Mine Conceptual Reclamation Plan Modification
62C-38 Form 3 Fuller's Earth Mine Annual Mining and Reclamation Report
62C-38 Form 4 Fuller's Earth Mine Notice of Cessation Of Mining Operations
62C-38 Form 5 Fuller's Earth Mine Reclamation Release Request
62C-38 Form 6 Fuller's Earth Mine Temporary Land Use Request

62C-39 Other Resources Mine Reclamation Forms
62C-39 Form 1 Notice of Intent to Mine or Mining Other Resources
62C-39 Form 2 Other Resources Mine Reclamation Release Request
62C-39 Form 3 Other Resources Mine Notice of Cessation of Operations

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