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ERP Forms and Filing Instructions for Mining-Related Projects

This webpage provides links to forms used by the environmental resource permitting (ERP) program. Mines require an ERP unless they are specifically grandfathered under Chapter 373.414(15), Florida Statutes (F.S.). ERPs are required for stormwater management systems associated with projects that involve dredging or filling and/or work done in, on, or over other surface waters (including wetlands), unless the activity is exempt. Permits or authorizations from other local, state or federal agencies may also be required for mining projects. 

The ERP program is authorized under Part IV of Chapter 373, (F.S.). The ERP forms have been adopted for use in Chapter 62-330, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). The Applicant’s Handbook, Volume I (for all projects) and Applicant’s Handbook, Volume II (water management systems and regionally-specific criteria) contain useful information regarding ERP application criteria. ERP application fees are based on the total project area and the acreage of impacts to wetlands and other surface waters; fees are listed in Chapter 62-4, F.A.C. The Mining and Mitigation Program encourages new applicants to set up a pre-application meeting to discuss their proposed project and the permitting process.

Types of ERPs

Individual ERPs

In most cases, mining projects require an Individual ERP. Individual ERPs for mines require submittal of Sections A and H of the ERP application forms; if the project involves work done in, on, or over wetlands or other surface waters, Section C will also need to be submitted. If the project involves work done in, on, or over state-owned (sovereign) submerged lands, Section F will also need to be submitted. Forms are linked in the table below.

General ERPs

In some cases, a project or portion of a project may qualify for a General Permit. General Permits are for specific projects that have been determined to be of minimal impact to water resources. General Permits are already authorized, but notice of the intent to use a General Permit is required. The notice form for a General ERP is linked in the table below. Activities that qualify for a General ERP and the standards, criteria and conditions for General permits are found in Chapter 62-330, F.A.C.

Forms for ERPs

The table below contains links to ERP Application Forms commonly used with mining projects. For a full list of ERP-related forms and more information about ERP permitting, visit the Submerged Lands and Environmental Resource Coordination Program page

ERP Application Forms for Mining Projects
Form Number Form Title
62-330.060(1) Attachments 1-3 Joint Application Form Instructions, Agency Contacts, and Application Fees
62-330.060(1) Section A Section A: State-Owned Submerged Lands/Federal Dredge and Fill Permit
62-330.060(1) Section C Section C: Supplemental Information for Works or Other Activities In, On, Over Wetlands and/or Other Surface Waters
62-330.060(1) Section H Section H: Supplemental Information for Applications for Environmental Resource Permits Involving Stormwater Management Systems for Mines
62-330.061(1) Section F Section F: Application For Authorization to Use State-Owned Submerged Lands
62-330.402(1) Notice of Intent to Use an Environmental Resource General Permit

Request for Verification of an Exemption


The Florida Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) is used for assessing functional quality of wetlands to determine amount of mitigation required for impacts under an ERP.  The procedures for applying UMAM are outlined in Chapter 62-345, F.A.C.  For more information about UMAM, see the UMAM page and UMAM reference page

UMAM Forms
Form Number Form Title
62-345.300(1) UMAM Part I - Qualitative Description (Microsoft Excel format)
62-345.300(2) UMAM Part II - Quantitiative Description (Microsoft Excel format)
62-345.300(3) UMAM Mitigation Determination Formulas (Microsoft Excel format)

Financial Assurance

If the mitigation required to offset impacts of a project will cost more than $25,000 to construct, an itemized estimate of the cost of implementing the mitigation is required and financial assurance may need to be provided.  For more information about financial responsibility for mitigation, see the section 10.3 of the ERP Applicant's Handbook, Volume I.  Financial assurance forms are linked below.

Financial Assurance (for Mitigation) Forms
Form Number Form Title
62-330.301(1) Performance Bond To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation
62-330.301(2) Irrevocable Letter of Credit To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation
62-330.301(3) Standby Trust Fund Agreement To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation
62-330.301(4) Trust Fund Agreement To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation
62-330.301(5) Escrow Agreement
62-330.301(6) Gurantee Bond To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation

Post Issuance Forms

Post-Issuance ERP forms are linked in the table below.

ERP Post-Issuance Forms

Form Number Form Title
62-330.310(1) As-Built Certification and Request for Conversion to Operation Phase

Request for Transfer of Environmental Resource Permit to the Perpetual Operation Entity

62-330.340(1) Request to Transfer Permit
62-330.350(1) Construction Commencement Notice
62-330.311(1) Operation and Maintenance Inspection Certification

Electronic Submission Instructions

The Department of Environmental Protection has implemented a paperless permitting process. This allows for electronic submission of applications, forms and requests for information. Compliance forms and reports may be submitted electronically. To complete the below forms, you must have Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher. We suggest that you download Adobe Reader, which is free, from Adobe.

Important note: Do not send by email documents larger than 20 MB. Upload large documents to the Mining and Mitigation Program FTP Site. Use the naming conventions outlined in the Electronic Submission Instructions document.

Visit the Submerged Lands and Environmental Resource Coordination Program page for more information on the ERP process, rules and statutes, or contact:

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Mining and Mitigation Program
2600 Blair Stone Road, Mail Station 3577
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
850-245-8336 (phone) / 850-245-8356 (fax)

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