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Tools for Applicants

File Information & Instructions

DEP has implemented a paperless permitting process that will allow for electronic submission of applications, forms and requests for information; and following permit issuance, the submission of required compliance forms. These documents may be submitted via email to

Important Note: For documents and/or plans that are too large (greater than 20mb) to send via email, upload documents to DEP’s external JCP FTP Site using the naming conventions outlined in the Electronic Submission Instructions document. The DEP Business Portal now accepts online payments for permit application fees. Upon receiving an application, the applicant will receive an email with their application file number and information about online payment. Get more information on obtaining an ERP.

To complete the following DEP electronic forms, you must have Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher. You can download the latest Adobe Reader, which is free, from the Adobe website.  

Get more information on the JCP Permitting process, rules and statutes and how to apply for a permit.

Joint Coastal Permitting (JCP)

Joint Application for Joint Coastal Permit

Environmental Resource Permitting

The ERP Applicant's Handbook Vol. 1
Request for Verification of an Exemption
ERP Application

BIPP Tutorials

Map Direct 

Permitting Fees

Coastal Construction Fees - 62B-41.0085, F.A.C.
Permitting Fees - 62-4.050(4)(h), F.A.C.
Sovereignty Submerged Lands Authorization Fees 18-21.008, .009 or .010, F.A.C.

JCP processing fees are the sum of the fees required by 62B-41.0085, 62-4.050(4)(h) and 18-21.008, .009, or .010, F.A.C. ERP processing fees are the sum of the fees required by 62-4.050(4)(h) and 18-21.008, .009 or .010, F.A.C. 

Post Issuance / Compliance

Construction Commencement Notice
Request to Transfer Permit
As-Built Certification and Request to Conversion to Operation Phase

Biological Resources

Webinar Recording - Guidance for Surveying Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
Guidance on Surveys for Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Compensatory Mitigation Projects
Guidance on Surveys for Potential Impacts to Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
Standard Operation Procedures For Nearshore Hardbottom Monitoring Of Beach Nourishment Projects

Nearshore Hardbottom in Southeastern Florida
The “Ecological Functions of Nearshore Hardbottom in Southeastern Florida Field Study” is being conducted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, universities, and consulting firms. DEP has received funding to conduct studies to resolve differences between the hard bottom mitigation requirements of the State and the Army Corps of Engineers and to help determine the appropriate designs and locations of artificial reefs.

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Oct. 30, 2012


DEP-SOP-001/01 FT 1600 Field Measurement of Turbidity
Turbidity Monitoring Form
Turbidity Monitoring Form - Additional Monitoring Stations

Strategic Planning and Coordination Resources

Inlet Management Plans 
Strategic Beach Management Plan - SBMP


Regional Coastal Monitoring Data - Regional Data Collection and Processing component of Florida's Statewide Coastal Monitoring Program.
Historic Shoreline Data - Database of historic mean high water locations, maps, graphics, and beach and offshore profile data.

Note: All data should be collected and submitted in accordance with the Department's Physical Monitoring Standards.


Range or Reference Survey Monuments 
Beach nourishment profile equilibration: What to expect after sand is placed on a beach

Public Records Requests

DEP’s Electronic Document Management System OCULUS is available to the public to search for and retrieve any nonconfidential document or plan related to a project file. Please visit the department’s electronic document management system, Oculus, to find JCP and ERP related documents. If a document cannot be located in Oculus, please email

More Information

For additional information about Engineering and Design Information, please see technical reports. For more information about these tools for applicants, please contact us.  

Guidance for Surveying Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
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