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State 404 Program Public Notices - Mining

The files are available online at the OCULUS website.  You can refer to the Oculus Search Guide for assistance. You may also access the files through the Information Portal or locate records for a specific property using our online GIS tool, Map Direct. Please refer to the Information Portal Tutorial or the Map Direct Tutorial for assistance.

If you would like to view State 404 Program public notices for other DEP districts or program areas please visit the “All State 404 Program Public Notices” webpage. 

State 404 Program Public Notices for Mining Projects
File Number Applicant Project Synopsis Public Notice Date Link to Notice
ST404_292013-007-SFI Troyer Brothers Florida, INC To mine limestone, sand, and fill within an 1,803.51-acre property in Lee County to provide a regional source of limestone aggregates that meet commercial grade standards or Florida Department of Transportation Specifications for quality (FDOT-grade limerock). Nov. 5, 2021 Link

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