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State 404 Program Public Notices - Mining

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State 404 Program Public Notices for Mining Projects
File Number Applicant Project Synopsis Public Notice Date Link to Notice
221122-038-SFI Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC

PROPOSED WORK: The applicant seeks authorization to discharge dredge or fill material to approximately 11.7 acres of wetlands and other surface waters in association with phosphate mining.  All wetlands and surface waters delineated using Chapter 62-340, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) and regulated under Part IV of Chapter 373, Florida Statutes (F.S.) were accepted as waters of the United States. Approximately 9.2 acres of non-forested wetlands and 2.5 acres of other surface waters are proposed for impact within the 132-acre property.  To offset wetland impacts, the applicant proposes to purchase non-forested wetland mitigation credits from an approved Mitigation Bank. 

To restore drainage patterns following the completion of mining operations, the area will be reclaimed in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 62C-16, F.A.C., to connect to wetlands, streams or ditches in the adjacent mine and adjacent properties.  This includes the creation of approximately 2.4 acres of forested wetlands, 9.9 acres of non-forested wetlands, 1.1 acre of other surface waters and 1,492 linear feet of stream channel.

September 2, 2022 Public Notice


CEMEX Construction Materials Florida, LLC.

The applicant seeks authorization to discharge dredge or fill material to construct and operate a proposed limestone mine in Lee County.  The State wetland delineation methodology in Chapter 62-340, Florida Administrative Code was used to determine the boundary wetlands and others surfaces waters for the project, all of which have been considered Waters of the United States  (state-assumed waters).  Approximately 66.7 acres of wetland impacts and 7.13 acres of surface waters impacts are proposed to the approximately 205-acre area. To offset wetland impacts, the applicant proposes on-site permittee-responsible compensatory mitigation and Credits from an approved bank.

August 26, 2022 Public Notice
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September 26, 2022 - 10:58am

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