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SOP - 6. Site Assignment

General Information

Sites are usually assigned to Site Managers after receipt and acceptance of a valid Site Access Agreement (SAA) from the real property owner or verified responsible party of the site. In some cases, an assignment is made in anticipation of receipt of an executed site access agreement because of the Site Manager’s previous or current involvement with a site or other extenuating circumstances.

Site assignment is tracked in Storage Tank and Contamination Monitoring Database (STCM). The authority for data entry is restricted to only a few staff, including the Site Assignment Coordinators for the individual teams. It is important that site assignment information be kept current because it is used for management decisions, queries and reports. Team Managers should always remember (and Site Managers should remind them) to add, remove or change the Site Manager name in STCM as soon as possible whenever a site is assigned to a team or transferred to another, is parked due to a change in the priority score or priority funding threshold, or one or more discharges is determined to be NREQ (Cleanup Not Required), NFA (No Further Action) or SRCO (Site Rehabilitation Completion Order) status. 

PCPP and AC Sites

The Administrative Services Contractor, on behalf of the Petroleum Cleanup Participation Program (PCPP) Coordinator, typically sends out the Limited Contamination Assessment Report (LCAR) request as soon as the site is eligible for funding assistance (see PCPP Participation/LCAR Request Letter). Solicitation and tracking of PCPP LCARs has been assigned to the Administrative Services Contractor. The LCAR will be assigned to the Team Coordinator for review. Once the LCAR is reviewed, the cost estimate for cleanup to closure and the owner/responsible party (RP) contact information is submitted to the PCPP Coordinator for the execution of the PCPP agreement. The owner, at the time of the PCPP agreement execution, needs to provide the Cost Share Site Contractor Recommendation Sheet (CSCRS) selecting the Contractor that is going to do the work at the site. For sites that the owner has determined to be indigent, the CSCRS is not required since the owner is not paying the 25 percent cost share. The PCPP Coordinator will notify the Site Manager (if there is a site manager assigned) or the site assignment coordinators once the cost share agreement is in place. Advanced Cleanup (AC) sites are like PCPP sites in that a Site Manager should not begin work on an AC site until the LCAR has been approved and the cost share agreement is in place.

Distribution of Sites

The Site Assignment Coordinators verify whether the deductible has been paid, the required cost share and AC agreements were executed prior to assigning sites to Teams and enters the Team Manager’s name into STCM to facilitate tracking during the interim period prior to assignment to an individual Site Manager. These Team assignments are made with the intention of distributing an approved number of sites to each Team based on their ongoing team projects and total site capacity. The Team Manager assigns sites to Site Managers. Each Team should develop their own method for allocating sites that consider the Site Manager’s capacity for new sites and other duties that may be assigned to the Site Manager. The Site Manager’s name must be entered into STCM and Section tracking when the site is assigned.

Site Transfers

All site transfers must be handled by and between the Team Leader/Site Assignment Coordinators and Team Managers. This requirement applies to transfers within Teams as well as between Teams and is necessary to ensure that Site Assignment Coordinators are kept informed of their Team’s assignments and that the tracking systems (both STCM and section tracking) are properly updated to reflect the change. The Team Managers should send the request directly to the Team Leader using the appropriate form.

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