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SOP - Who's Who at PRP

Who's Who at PRP

Area of Interest Contact
Administrative Services Contracts Coordinator
Rob Perlowski
Advanced Cleanup (AC) Coordinator
Dona Milinkovich
ATC Contract Managers
Tim Foster
Laura Hankinson
Marie Peterson
Jack Roberts
ATC Contracts Administrator
Jamie Lopez
Capital Equipment Coordinator
Demetrius Holton
Compliance Violation Information and Work Suspension Letters Grant Willis
Conditional Closure Agreement Coordinator
Rob Perlowski
Consent Order Coordinator Bobby Scarborough
Contracted Teams
Contract Manager Team 5 (Northstar)
Contract Manager Team 6 (WSP formerly Ecology & Environment Inc.)
Janice Porto
Contractor Assignment Specialist
Andy Brackney
Shawna Clayton
Contractor Qualification Coordinator
Rob Perlowski
CSX Coordinator
Rob Perlowski
DOH Contract Manager
Rob Perlowski
DWM Budget Coordinator Tameshia Reid
Eligibility Coordinator
Justin Hodges
Environmental Forensic and Other Technical Services Contract Manager Melissa Brock
FDOT Liaision Grant Willis
Field Inspection Coordinator (not local programs) Craig Knable - Team 5
Free Product Recovery Initiative (FPRI) Coordinator
Ken Busen
Gatekeepers for Ariba on Demand
Jaylynn Lowery
Destiny Perkins
ICR Entry Coordinator Casey Lax
Laboratory Quality Control Assurance Officer
Chris Bayliss
Leaking Underground Storage Tank/EPA Grant Coordinator
Ken Busen
Local Programs Contract Manager
Nicole Mitchell
Local Programs Contract Administrator
Billy Hessman
Local Program County Liaisons
Anthron Brocks

Shawna Clayton

Gregory Harris
Kelcie Walsingham
Low-Scored Site Initiative (LSSI) Coordinator
Graham Witt - Team 5
Majors Facilitator
Grant Willis
Noticing Coordinator Melissa Brock
O&M Inspection Coordinator (not local programs)
Heather Perry - Team 6
Order Letters Facilitator
Cole Nelson - Team 5
Nicole Mitchell
PCPP Coordinator
Grace Rivera
Performance Based Cleanup (PBC) Coordinator
Dona Milinkovich
PR Creators
Nancy Harper
Anansa Johnson
Elisha McCleary
Austin Pearson
Jonathan Pyles
Jordan Riedel
Procurement Coordinator for Petroleum
Jamie Lopez
Professional Engineer
James Treadwell - Chief
Jennifer Rogers - Asst. Chief
Professional Geologist
Chris Bayliss - Chief
Jessica Duke - Asst. Chief
Program Administrator
Natasha Lampkin
PRP Accounting, Invoice and Utilities
Russ Rhodes
Site Access Coordinator
Grace Rivera
Site Assignment Coordinator
Brittany Wright
Site Scoring Coordinator
Brittany Wright
SOP Coordinator
Grace Rivera
SRCO Rescission Review
Mike Bland
SRFA Coordinator
STCM Coordinator
Jamie Lopez
QPBC Coordinator Vacant
Team Leaders
Ken Busen
Billy Hessman
Jamie Lopez
Website Coordinator (PRP)
Brittany Wright

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